Find Clergy

The Rt. Rev. C. FitzSimons Allison

The Rt. Rev.  C. FitzSimons Allison

Retired, Bishop in Residence, Prince George Winyah

1081, Indigo Avenue, Georgetown, SC 29440-2875
The Rev. Clifford J. Ausmus

The Rev.  Clifford "CJ" Ausmus

Associate Rector

Christ Church Anglican, Mt. Pleasant

(502) 550-7771

Hank Avent

The Rev.  Hank Avent

Mark Avera

The Rev.  Mark Avera


Church of the Resurrection, North Charleston

(843) 870-4316

The Rev. Jonathan Bennett

The Rev.  Jonathan Bennett

Associate Rector and Campus Pastor,

Church of the Holy Cross, Daniel Island

(843) 883-3586 Business

Gary Beson

The Rev.  Gary N. Beson II


Prince George Winyah, Georgetown

843-546-4358, Business

The Rev.  Joe Billings

Full-time Chaplain/Deputy

Florence County Sheriff’s Office


The Rev. Stu Boehmig

The Rev.  Stuart Boehmig

Executive Director

Consequential Christianity


The Rev. David Booman

The Rev.  David Booman


Holy Comforter, Sumter

(803) 773-3823

Mark Boutan

The Rev.  Marc Boutan


The Rev. Ann Boutcher

The Rev.  Ann L. Boutcher


St. Paul's, Conway

(843) 347-5448

The Rev. Laura Bowman

The Rev.  Laura Bowman

Assistant Rector, Holy Cross Sullivan's Island

Canon for Safe Churches, ADOSC

(843) 883-3586

The Rev. Dana Boynton

The Rev.  Dana Boynton

Associate Rector

Church Of The Resurrection, Surfside Beach

(843)-215-4500 Business

The Rev.  Thad Bullock

(Transitional) Deacon

The Parish Church at Habersham in Beaufort
The Rev. Elizabeth Bumpas

The Rev.  Elizabeth Bumpas


Karl Burns

The Very Rev.  Karl Burns


Church of Our Saviour, Johns Island

(843) 768-2046 Business

John Burwell

The Very Rev.  John B. Burwell


Church of the Redeemer, Orangeburg

(803) 534-3794 Business

Wey Camp

The Rev.  E. Weyman IV Camp


Trinity Church, Edisto Island

(843) 869-3568 Business

The Rev. Claudia Carucci

The Rev.  Claudia Carucci


Parish Church of St. Helena

(843) 522-1712 Bu

Bill Christian

The Rev.  William K. Christian

Assistant to the Rector for Pastoral Care

St. Philip's Church, Charleston

(843) 722-7734

Mike Clarkson

The Rev.  Michael L. Clarkson

The Rev. Bill Clarkson

The Rev.  Bill Clarkson


Church of the Holy Apostles, Barnwell

(803) 516-1398

Jason Collins

The Rev.  Jason Collins


St. Paul's, Conway

(843) 248-4706 Business

Mark Cooke

The Rev.  Mark Dean Cooke

(843) 452-4931 Cell

Reggie Corfield

The Rev.  Reggie Corfield

843-650-6336 Business

Rags Coxe

The Rev.  Rags Coxe


Saint Matthew's Darlington

(843) 393-4112 Business

The Rev. David Cumbie

The Rev.  David Cumbie


Church of the Holy Cross, Sullivan's Island


The Rev. Taylor Daniel

The Rev.  Taylor Daniel

Campus Minister

The Anglican Diocese of South Carolina


Ed Davis

The Rev.  Edward B. Davis



The Rev. Stephen Davis

The Rev.  Stephen Edward Davis

Assistant Rector

Christ the King, Pawley’s Island

(336) 757-0827 Mobile

The Rev. Luke Deman

The Rev.  Luke Deman

St. Timothy's, Cane Bay

Peet Dickinson

The Very Rev.  Peet Dickinson


The Cathedral of St. Luke & St. Paul, Charleston

(843) 256-5104 Business

Mary Ellen Doran

The Rev.  Mary Ellen Doran


Trinity Church, Pinopolis

(843) 761-8570

David Dubay

The Rev. Canon  David M. Dubay


Holy Trinity

(843) 556-2560 Business

Ted Duvall

The Rev.  Ted Duvall


Christ Church Anglican

(843) 884-9090 ext.225 Business

Rev Ed Dyckman

The Rev.  Edward Dyckman


Church of the Holy Cross, Daniel Island

(843) 367-5647

The Rev. Harry Easterling

The Rev.  Harry Easterling

Priest Associate

The Well, Myrtle Beach

(843) 454-1711

Rev Charles Echols

The Rev. Dr.  Charles Echols, PhD


Manning Reentry/Work Release Center


Rev Janet Echols

The Rev.  Janet Roberts Echols


St. Matthew's

(803) 412-8818

Rev Hal Fenters

The Very Rev.  Hal Fenters


(843) 810-6421

Rev Kay Fryman

The Rev.  Kay K. Fryman


St. John's

(843) 662-5585 Business

Rev Paul Fuener

The Very Rev.  Paul C. Fuener


(843) 340-7688 Cell

Rev Shay Gaillard

The Rev.  Shay Gaillard


Parish Church of St. Helena

(843) 522-1712 Business

Rev Jimmy Gallant

The Rev.  James S. Gallant


St. Andrew's Mission

(843) 763-3664 Business

The Ven. Ron Gauss

The Ven.  Ronald S. Gauss



Rev Jai Gibson

The Rev. Dr.  James A. Gibson


Church of the Holy Trinity

(843) 726-3743 Business

Rev Rich Giersch

The Rev.  Richard Giersch

Priest Associate

Church of the Resurrection, North Charleston

(843) 870-4316 Business

Rev Ramsey Gilchrist

The Rev.  Ramsey D. Gilchrist

Rev Frederick Gough

The Rev.  H Fred Gough


St. Barnabas

(843) 774-7382 Business

The Rev. Shay Gregorie

The Rev.  Shay Gregorie

803 983 7218

Rev Ron Greiser

The Very Rev.  Ron Greiser, Jr.


Church of the Resurrection

(843) 215-4500 Business

Rev Richard Grimball

The Rev.  Richard Grimball

Pastoral Associate

Saint James Anglican Church


The Rev. Ron Hamiilton

The Rev.  Ron Hamilton


The Well by the Sea

(843) 733-2430

The Rev. Deborah Hamilton

The Rev.  Deborah Hamilton


The Well By the Sea


The Rev. Tom Hample

The Rev.  Tom Hample

Associate Rector

Church of Our Saviour

(843) 768-2046

Rev Jim Hampson

The Rev.  James E. Hampson

Retired Clergy

Rev Jason Hamshaw

The Rev.  Jason J. Hamshaw


All Saints' Church, Florence

843-860-2456 Business

Rev Joyce Harder

The Rev.  Joyce C. Harder


Christ Church Anglican

(843) 722-4075 ext. 108

The Rev. Justin Hare

The Rev.  Justin Hare

Assistant for Young Adult and College Ministry

St. Philip's Church, Charleston

(843) 722-7734

Rev Kendall Harmon

The Rev. Canon Dr.  Kendall S. Harmon

Canon Theologian; Associate Rector

Church of the Holy Cross, Sullivan's Island

Bishop Hathaway

The Rt. Rev.  Alden Hathaway

Bishop in Residence

Parish Church of St. Helena

(843) 522-1712 Business

Rev Don Hayes

The Rev. Dr.  Donald R. Hayes

Vicar, Christ Church; Priest-in-Charge, Church of the Advent Marion

Christ Church; The Church of the Advent

(843) 618-0815 Cell

Rev Tom Hendrickson

The Rev.  Thomas Hendrickson


The Church of the Cross, Bluffton


Rev Jed Hermes

The Rev.  Jed Hermes

Retired Deacon

Rev Lee Hershon

The Rev. Dr.  Lee Hershon


Old St. Andrew's

(843) 881-9514 Business

The Rev. Jeff Hoffman

The Rev.  Jeff Hoffman


(607) 481-4091

Rev Barbara Holliman

The Rev. Dr.  Barbara Holliman


All Saints

(843) 662-7061 Business

Rev Chip Holmes

The Rev.  Chip Holmes


The Rev. Kyle Holtzhower

The Rev.  Kyle Holtzhower


Christ St. Paul's, Yonges Island

Rev Bob Horowitz

The Rev.  Bob Horowitz

(843) 549-1050

Rev Michael Hub

The Rev.  Michael G. Hub

Assisting Priest

All Saints Anglican Church, Weddington, NC


Rev Marshall Huey

The Rev.  S Marshall Huey


Old St. Andrew's Church

(843) 766-1541 Business

The Rev. Anne Darby Hunter

The Rev.  Anne Darby Hunter


Church of the Advent, Marion


The Rev. Preston Huntley

The Rev.  Preston B. Huntley

Rev Denman Isgett

The Very Rev.  Denman Isgett

Rector, Dean of Orangeburg Deanery

St. Matthias, Summerton

(803) 485-2504

The Rev. Jeffrey Jacobs

The Rev.  Jeffrey Jacobs


St. Paul's Anglican Church, Summerville

+1 843 530 4249 (GMT +3)

Rev Tripp Jeffords

The Rev.  Tripp Jeffords


St. Paul's

(843) 873-1991 Business

Rev Arthur Jenkins

The Rev.  Arthur Jenkins



Rev Hunter Jordan

The Rev.  Hunter Jordan

Associate Rector for Families

St. Helena's, Beaufort

The Rev. Dr. Sandi Kerner

The Rev. Dr.  Sandi Kerner

Canon for Prayer and Pastoral Care

The Cathedral of St. Luke & St. Paul, Charleston

(843) 256-5104

The Rev. Korey Kincaid

The Rev.  Korey Kincaid

Associate Priest

St. Paul's, Summerville


The Rev. Dr. Emil Klatt

The Rev. Dr.  Emil Klatt, III

Associate Rector

St. Helena's, Beaufort


The Rev. Will Klauber

The Rev.  Will Klauber


The Church of the Good Shepherd


The Rev. Dr. Jady Koch

The Rev. Dr.  Jady Koch


St. Luke's Anglican Church, Hilton Head

Rev Greg Kronz

The Rev.  Gregory J. Kronz


Rev Rob Kunes

The Rev.  Rob Kunes

Assisting Priest

Christ the King, Pawleys Island

The Rev. Ryan Landes

The Rev.  Ryan Landes

Transitional Deacon

Prince George Winyah, Georgetown

(843) 546-4358

The Rev. Cindy Larsen

The Rev.  Cindy Larsen


Grace Anglican Parish, Little River


The Rev.  Toby Larson

(540) 903-1900

Rev Bob Lawrence

The Rev.  Bob Lawrence

Diocesan Canon for Global Missions

(843) 276-1758

The Rev. Newman Lawrence

The Rev.  Newman H. Lawrence


St. Jude's Church, Walterboro

(843) 819-8432

The Rev. Joe Lawrence

The Rev.  Joe Lawrence

Upper School Dean

Holy Trinity Classical Christian School

(843) 522-0660

The Rt. Rev. Mark J. Lawrence

The Rt. Rev.  Mark J. Lawrence

Bishop Emeritus, Interim Director of Anglican Leadership Institute (ALI)

The Anglican Diocese of South Carolina

(843) 810-2199

The Rev. Peter Levasseur

The Rev.  Peter Levasseur


The Historic Church of the Epiphany


Rev Canon Jim Lewis

The Rev. Canon  James B. Lewis

Canon to the Ordinary

The Anglican Diocese of South Carolina

(843) 722-4075 Business

The Rev. Luke Lucas

The Rev.  Luke Lucas

Priest Associate

St. John's Church, Florence

(843) 662-5585

Rev Mike Lumpkin

The Rev.  Michael Lumpkin

Senior Associate to the Rector

Prince George Winyah, Georgetown

(843) 819-5720 Cell

Rev Mike Malone

The Rev. Canon  Michael T. Malone

Retired Clergy

Rev Gerry McCord

The Rev.  Gerald Lee McCord


St. Philip's Church

(843) 722-7734 Business

Rev Donnie McDaniel

The Rev. Canon Dr.  Donnie McDaniel

803-417-7078 - Business

Rev Brian McGreevy

The Rev.  Brian McGreevy

Assistant to the Rector

St. Philip's Church

(843) 722-7734

The Very Rev. William McKeaachie

The Very Rev.  William McKeachie

Rev Ted McNabb

The Rev.  Ted McNabb

Director, Michaelmas Institute, St. Michael's Interim Associate for Pastoral Care

St. Michael's Church, Charleston

(843) 723-0603 Business

The Rev. Drew Miller

The Rev.  Drew Miller

Assistant Rector

St. John's, Florence


Rev Jeff Miller

The Rev.  Jeffrey S. Miller


St. Philip's Church

(843) 722-7734 Business

The Rev. Zach Miller

The Rev.  Zach Miller


Trinity Church, Myrtle Beach


The Ven. Dr. Kelly L. OLear

The Ven. Dr.  Kelly O'Lear

Associate Rector

Saint Luke's Anglican Church, Hilton Head

(843)785-4099 x 223

The Rev. Keith O'Neal

The Rev.  Keith O'Neal


The Parish Church of St. Helena's, Beaufort

(843) 228-5527

The Rev. Fred Ochieng Onyango

The Rev.  Fred Ochieng Onyango

Associate Rector

St. Paul's, Summerville


Rev Andrew Odell

The Rev.  Andrew O'Dell

Senior Associate

St. Philip's Church


(843) 722-7734 Business

The Rev. Glenn Ohanesian

The Rev.  Glenn Ohanesian


The Well By the Sea


Rev Bill Oldland

The Rev.  William D. Oldland


St. Bartholomew's Church

(843) 332-8765 Business

Rev Phil Osborne

The Rev.  Phillip Osborne


Church of the Holy Comforter

(803) 773-3823 Business

The Rev. Joel Osborne

The Rev.  Joel Osborne


Church of the Ascension, Hagood

(803) 236.0856

Rev Chuck Owens

The Very Rev.  Charles E. Owens


Church of the Cross

(843) 757-2661 Business

Rev Jack Owens

The Rev.  Jack Owens

(843) 709-0256 Cell

The Rev. Chance Perdue

The Rev.  Chance Perdue


Trinity Church, Myrtle Beach


Rev Doug Peterson

The Rev. Canon  Doug Peterson

Retired Clergy

(843) 763-4989 Home

Rev Kathleen Phillips

The Rev.  Kathleen F. Phillips

Deacon (Retired)

St. Luke's

(843) 785-4099 Business

Rev Chuck Pollak

The Rev.  Charles Pollak

Priest Associate for Prison Ministry

Parish Church of St. Helena

(843) 538-6497 Home

Rev Tyler Prescott

The Rev.  Tyler Prescott

Church of the Good Samaritan

(843) 873-1991 Business

The Rev. Corey Prescott

The Rev.  Corey Prescott


St. John's Church, Florence


Rev Russell Reed

The Rev.  Russell Reed


St. James' Church

(803) 671-0676

The Rev. Skip Reitmeier

The Rev.  Skip Reitmeier


Christ the King, Pawleys Island


The Rev. Dr. Roger Revell

The Rev. Dr.  Roger Revell


Parish of Christ the King, Pawleys Island

(843) 237-7475

Rev Bill Rhett

The Rev. Dr.  William P. Rhett

Retired Clergy

Rev Joe Rhodes

The Rev.  D. Joseph Rhodes

Priest Associate

Rev Jonathan Riddle

The Rev.  Jonathan H. Riddle

Church of the Cross

(843) 757-2661 Business

Rev Dawn Rider

The Rev.  Mary Dawn Rider

Vocational Deacon/Director of Children's Ministry

St. Paul's Church Conway

(843) 248-4706 Business

Rev Michael Ridgill

The Rev. Dr.  Michael E. Ridgill


The Church of the Holy Cross

(803) 305-8780 Business

The Rev. Bill Riggs

The Rev.  Bill Riggs


St. Paul's Anglican Church, Summerville


The Rev. Henrietta Rivers

The Rev.  Henrietta Rivers


The Rev. Jacob Rogers

The Rev.  Jacob Rogers

Family Pastor

Old St. Andrew's

(843) 766-1543

The Rev. David Rowe

The Rev.  David Rowe

Lower School Chaplain

Porter Gaud


The Rev. Frank Sanders

The Rev.  Frank Sanders

Mr Patrick Schlabs

The Rev.  Patrick R. Schlabs

Pastoral Associate

The Cathedral of St. Luke & St. Paul

(843) 722-7345 Business

Rev John Scott

The Very Rev.  John F. Scott

Pastoral Assistant

St. Paul's

(843) 873-1991 Business

Rev Mike Sheedy

The Rev.  Michael Sheedy

Asst. Church of Redeemer; Deacon-in-Charge St. Paul's Anglican

Church of the Redeemer, Orangeburg

(803) 534-3794

The Rev. Jeremy Shelton

The Rev.  Jeremy Shelton


St. John's Parish Church


Randy Shirley

The Rev.  Randall Shirley

Interim Vicar

St. John's Chapel


The Rev. Canon Dr. Jon Shuler

The Rev. Canon Dr.  Jon Shuler

Global Leader

New Anglican Missionary Society (NAMS)

Rev Todd Simonis

The Rev. Canon  Todd Simonis

Assistant to Rector, Diocesan Canon for Church Planting

The Parish Church of St. Helena

(843) 522-1712 Business

The Rt. Rev. Bill Skilton

The Rt. Rev.  Bill Skilton

Bishop in Residence

Old St. Andrew's, Charleston


Rev Greg Smith

The Rev.  Greg Smith

Associate for Evangelism & Connections

St. Michael's Church, Charleston

The Rev. Hamilton Smith

The Rev.  Hamilton Smith


St. Thomas' Anglican Church


Rev Jamie Sosnowski

The Rev.  Jamie Sosnowski

Rector of The Parish Church, Habersham

St. Helena's


Rev John Sosnowski

The Rev.  John S. Sosnowski

Assistant to the Rector

The Church of the Holy Comforter

(803) 773-3823 Business

The Rev. Frank Stoda

The Rev.  Frank Stoda


Saint Matthew’s Church, Darlington


The Rev. Chip Strickland

The Rev  Chip Strickland

Pastoral Associate

St. Paul's Anglican Church, Summerville

(843) 873-1991

The Rev. Rob Sturdy

The Rev.  Rob Sturdy


St. Alban's Chapel

(843) 953-6840

The Rev. David Sutcliffe

The Rev.  David Sutcliffe



Rev Suzanne Tata

The Rev.  Suzanne Tata


Trinity Church

(843) 448-8426 Business

Rev Sam Turbeville

The Rev.  Sam Turbeville

Director of Spiritual Care, McLeod Regional Medical Center, Deacon

All Saints Church


The Rev. Jason Varnadore

The Rev.  Jason Varnadore


St. David's Church

(864) 704-7067

Rev Joe Vella

The Rev.  Joseph A. Vella

Old St. Andrew's


Rev Charlie Walton

The Very Rev.  Charles F. Walton


The Rev. Dr.  Tabitha Wang

Director of ICDTS, Department of Pahoehoe

YWAM University of the Nations

The Rev. Ron Warfuel

The Rev.  Ronald Lee Warfuel


Rev Mark Warter

The Rev.  Mark Warter


Beaufort Memorial Hospital

(401) 829 3501

The Rev. Nelson Weaver

The Rev.  Nelson Weaver

Deacon, St. Timothy's, Cane Bay

(843) 371-8949

The Rev. Nathan Weaver

The Rev.  Nathan Weaver

Assistant Priest and Director of Faith Formation

Cross Schools

Rev Louise Weld

The Rev.  Louise G. Weld

Pastoral Associate

St. James Anglican

(843) 860-0013

Rev Ken Weldon

The Very Rev.  Ken Weldon

Executive Director, Camp Jubilee, Canon for Clergy Care

The Anglican Diocese of South Carolina

(843) 269-5688

Rev Franklin Wiggins

The Rev.  Franklin Wiggins



(843) 351-4665 Business

Rev Hazel Wilkinson

The Rev.  Hazel Wilkinson

The Rev. Dr. Dallas Wilson

The Rev.  Dallas H. Wilson


(843) 830-4640

Rev Tom Woodle

The Rev.  Tom F. Woodle


The Well By the Sea

(843) 236-8852 Business

ev Al Zadig

The Rev.  Alfred (Al) T. K. Zadig


St. Michael's

(843) 723-0603 Business