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The purpose of this organization is to help make Biblical Anglicans for a Global Age by offering Annual Gatherings, Retreats and other events which will deepen and strengthen the spiritual lives of women, encouraging them to mentor, and be mentored.


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Worship team on retreat - schumann

Four Reasons Why We Need Women’s Retreats

“I can’t be gone for a whole weekend. Who will take the kids to soccer?” “My husband hates it when I’m gone. It’s not worth the hassle.” “It’s out of my comfort zone and a little scary.” We have a hundred reasons why we shouldn’t go to the women’s retreat. Some years the voices win out, and we stay home. Later, when we hear the glowing reports from others about how wonderful it was, we feel a pang of regret, ...
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Real Relationships; Serious Study

Women’s Crossroads Bible Studies Born in Bluffton About six years ago a group of women from The Church of the Cross, Bluffton, were led to begin a Women’s Mentoring Ministry. We wanted to help women establish real relationships, beyond, “Hi, how are you?” “I’m fine,” and “I like your earrings.” We developed a core group, put together guidelines and provided education for leaders. Then we had a kickoff meeting, invited the women of the parish…and very little happened. That effort ...
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Anglican Women's Gathering

Joanne Ellison Speaks at Anglican Women’s Annual Gathering

More than 160 women from throughout the Anglican Diocese of South Carolina joined with guests from the Diocese of the Carolinas and the Reformed Episcopal Church for the Annual Gathering of Anglican Women hosted by Christ Church, Mt. Pleasant, April 24, 2021. The Rev. Joyce Harder, who serves as a Deacon at the church, welcome the group.  Diocesan women’s president, Patricia Smith presided. With the theme” Faith Moving Forward,” keynote speaker, Joanne Ellison, challenged listeners to cast aside troubles of ...
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St. Philip's women on retreat

Anglican Women Go on Retreat, Virus or No Virus!

Is it wise to hold a large retreat, in person, during a global pandemic? Around mid-summer, parishes across the diocese were just tiptoeing out of the lockdown world of virtual worship. No one knew what to expect, or how things would work as churches reopened. At this juncture, board members of the Women of The Anglican Diocese of South Carolina were discussing whether to host their annual fall retreat—in the flesh. Would the coronavirus be surging again October 23-25, when ...
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The Annual Prayer Card

Simple Method Focuses & Unites Family in Prayer By Patricia Smith, President, Anglican Women of The Anglican Diocese of South Carolina Women mentoring women,” is the second half of our Anglican Women’s mission statement. The idea of mentoring or being mentored might seem daunting, yet doing it is often simpler than we think. Sometimes it’s just an idea shared that changes how we live. Years ago, I was “mentored” by an 80+ year old grandmother, living in the mid-west, without ...
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