Mark Avera

The Rev.  Mark Avera


Church of the Resurrection, North Charleston

5103 North Rhett Avenue North Charleston, SC 29405

(843) 870-4316


The Rev. Mark Avera has been married to Joy for nearly 30 years. Five outrageously wonderful (grown) children. Grandfather of one with hopes for many more. In ordained ministry since 2003, and have served in the diocese at The Parish Church of St Helena (Beaufort), St Michael's Church (Chas), and now Church of the Resurrection (N Chas) Love family, friends, books, good beer, well-turned phrases, and seeing lives transformed. Came to Christ by way of an uncle's prayer, a friend's invitation, a well-aimed sermon, the music of Keith Green, and a gaggle of coincidences that weren't really coincidences at all. Favorite authors: tough call, but CS Lewis and Walker Percy. Prayer for our community: that the peace of Christ would reign in every heart.