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A Message from Jessica Willis on posting this resource: I know that so often we can feel lost and alone when we run into a problem. That’s why this group (and many others) are super helpful! We don’t always have a communicator friend’s phone number to call but there are lots of places to check out great resources. I’ve put together a list of the Facebook groups that I am in that are my go-to for solving communications problems. Some are more helpful that others for various reasons, so don’t feel like you have to be in every one or stay in them forever. Some are specifically for church communicators and others are simply good resources for things like Asana. I hope that something on this document will be helpful!

Facebook Groups for Church Communicators

Recent Communicators Gathering Presentations

The following presentations were shared at the Communicators’ Gathering held on May 18, 2023 at St. Paul’s Church in Summerville.  The presenter’s contact info is listed beside the presentation.

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