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SE Intentional Grandparenting Conference PromoThere’s a new movement, in the church world, calling Grandparents to a purposeful, meaningful, family ministry that can leave a legacy…a heritage…with consequential eternal results! Get on board! The Intentional Grandparenting Conference is a regional conference for today’s Christian grandparents who want to be inspired and equipped to pass on their faith and disciple their grandchildren. Elmer Towns says, “Use the ‘rest of your life’ to give the ‘best of your life!” We live in a broken world where the hearts, minds and souls of today’s children are at risk. Grandparents play a unique influential role in the lives of their grandchildren; second, only to parents. Many of the thirty million Christian grandparents in America are either unaware of that potential influence, ignore the opportunity, or have significant barriers in carrying this out. To be successful you need to be “intentional!”

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Giggling, Squealing, the Mud Pit and Prayers

By Tim Driver, St. Michael’s Church, Charleston

Tim and Sherrie Driver with Cora

Last June my wife Sherrie and I spent a week together with Cora, our oldest grandchild at GrandCamp held at Camp St Christopher on Seabrook Island. It’s a gorgeous place and we shared a beautiful experience with 40 or so other adults and kids.

GrandCamp was established some years ago as a support in helping pass the faith from one generation to the next and the next. Peter Rothermel, who we know from St. Michaels, Charleston, was our enthusiastic leader and clearly in his element.

The theme this week was discussing the meaning of the Lords’ prayer. We worshiped, learned bible verses, played team games, ate together in the camp dining room and swam in the sound where the North Edisto River empties into the ocean. One day we splashed in a mud pit to the delight of the kids then rinsed off in the ocean. We took Cora ghost crabbing one night and had good laughs as we chased the little critters about with nets. Cora and Sherrie darted about giggling and squealing. Each day we talked about God and each evening we worshiped as a family before sleep. The last evening grandparents were encouraged to bless their grandchild so Sherrie and I took Cora to a beautiful old oak tree (Cora chose the spot) and blessed her with a special prayer we had prepared. Hugs all around!

Sherrie and I are already excited about sharing a week at camp will each of our other grands – our 5th will be born in December!

The next GrandCamp at Camp St Christopher will be June 2019. Kids need to be 6 -12 years old. Fantastic week for both grandparents and kids. Ask me if you want to know more. Did I mention it was awesome?

“Called to Grandparenting”

An Interview with Cathy Jacobs

Have you ever wondered what a grandparent is to do with a lifetime of wisdom to offer others? If so, this interview is for you. Listen to Cathy Jacobs, Founder and Executive Director of Pass The Legacy and a grandmother to 4 beautiful grandbabies, share how God revealed to her that being a grandparent is more than just changing diapers, cooking casseroles and babysitting, but a call from the Lord to intentionally sow seeds of faith into your grown children and grandchildren. Cathy’s passion, vision, wisdom, and resources will bless you as you embark on this journey with your family and the Lord. Follow the below link to listen to Cathy’s interview:
*Please forgive Cathy’s “other baby” Rudy’s barking to let us know the UPS man had arrived*

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