Church Planting

“What would it look like for the diocese and our congregations to step out more fully in mission? First, I believe we would seek to engage our local communities in relevant, sensitive witness and evangelism; secondly, that Matthew 25 ministries would proliferate among us; and thirdly, we would partner with one another to plant churches that plant churches.”

The Rt. Rev. Mark J. Lawrence
Address to the 2018 Convention of The Anglican Diocese of South Carolina

The Rev. Todd Simonis
The Rev. Todd Simonis

We have an incredible opportunity here in the ADOSC. While we celebrate the established church and all the Lord has done in our midst in the past, we also are poised to become a great vehicle for planting new churches. While we are grateful for how our well-established churches continue to be a “city on a hill,” we also acknowledge the most effective way of reaching non-Christians with the love of Christ is through the planting of new churches. If you, or your church, are interested in planting churches, please contact me.

Contact The Rev. Canon Todd Simonis, Diocesan Canon for Church Planting who also serves as an Associate Rector at the Parish Church of St. Helena’s, Beaufort, to learn more.  He heads up a group of like-minded Christians committed to church planting.