Background Check

Background Check

Background Checks Help Protect People and Ministries

In an effort to assist our churches in the hiring process, ensuring that they are not putting their people, or parishes at risk, the diocese offers to process background checks. Background checks may be performed on any new hire or volunteer but are especially appropriate for individuals who will work with or in close proximity to children, those who are involved in parish finances, or those who will be responsible for driving or overseeing the maintenance of property/assets.

Prior to performing a background check, the individual in question, must give his or her permission for the background check to be processed. On average, processing takes 48 hours.

The Diocese is set up to process:

  • Criminal/ SS Verification only ($9)
  • Sex offender registry ($5)
  • Drivers license ($15)

Due to stricter processing guidelines, one form of legal ID (i.e. driver’s license, gov’t ID, passport) will need to be included with the permission form.

Download the Background Check Information Form.

Questions? To learn more about this process contact Susan Burns at