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Where in our churches can people go when they have questions?

Alpha LogoAmerican culture is shifting. Increasingly, people are not satisfied to just listen and accept truth. They want to process and discover for themselves, discussing their doubts and their questions. Alpha creates this judgement-free space within the local church, where people can share their point of view, get to know others and experience the message of the gospel and the presence of Christ in a powerful way.

Alpha is a globally proven and effective tool for people to discover and develop a relationship with Jesus. Around the world, over 29 million people have experienced Alpha, in many languages, cultures and denominations.

Alpha creates a culture of invitation within your church and is a great front door for people exploring faith. Alpha is easy to run. It involves offering food, a talk on aspects of the Christian faith and a discussion group, once a week for 11 weeks. There is also a 9 week version for youth – Alpha Youth 13-18 year olds).

Additionally, Alpha offers a Marriage Course and a Pre-Marriage Course. All the materials are free and your local Alpha South Carolina Director, Margaret Cotton, is available for consultations, training and coaching, also at no cost.
What is the impact? After Alpha –

  • 82% of non-Christians described themselves as followers of Jesus,
  • 78% of Christian, non-active church goers become more committed to regularly attending church
  • 91% of Christian regular church goes have a more intimate relationship with Jesus
    (Statistics from a Barna Research Project)

If your church is longing to see God do more – Alpha could be the spark of change to help this happen!

For more information, visit the Alpha USA website: and for more information on the Alpha work in South Carolina – or contact Margaret –, 843-729-1676.


Churches in ADOSC currently offering ALPHA:

Cathedral Church of St Luke & St Paul (Charleston)  Alpha Youth

Christ St Paul’s (Yonges Island)

Church of the Holy Comforter (Sumter)

Church of the Resurrection (N Charleston)

Holy Cross (Sullivan’s Island)

Prince George Winyah (Georgetown)

St. Luke’s (Hilton Head)

St. Michael’s (Charleston)

St. Paul’s (Summerville)

St. Thomas’ (Mt Pleasant)

In the past:

Church of Our Saviour (Johns Island)

Church of the Cross (Bluffton)

Holy Trinity Anglican (Charleston)

St. Helena’s (Beaufort)

St. Matthew’s Parish (St Matthew’s)