The ADOSC Development Fund

The Anglican Diocese of South Carolina Development Fund

As the Diocese moves forward, past the outcome of the state supreme court’s ruling, it’s clear we need a new means to collect and direct resources for supporting parish ministry.

We first need resources to assist those congregations who lost their historic properties in the litigation.  And, looking further down the road will need resources to support future church plants, parish expansions and other ministry initiatives within the Diocese.  All of these will require financial investments we all want to support as a Diocese and can do most effectively if we do them together.  To that end, we have incorporated The Anglican Diocese of South Carolina Development Fund.

With a Board composed of clergy and laity of the Diocese and led by the Bishop, the Fund will enable us to collect and manage the resources needed to grow the Diocese.

The first project of the Development Fund will be the undertaking we are calling:  The Jerusalem Fund.  Just as St. Paul took up a collection for the support of the churches in Jerusalem, this fund will have as its express and limited goal the support of those congregations required to leave their historic properties.  Those needs will vary, depending on the size, circumstances and resources of each parish.  But we do believe it to be good and right to support this re-planting process as the Body of Christ together.  The Fund represents a means for every parish and every parishioner to contribute to this work, as God leads and makes possible.  And it will be through a means that is secure, tax deductible and committed to the nurture of these parishes.

Please use the link below to make your donation.  If you have questions regarding the Fund and other giving opportunities, you may contact Nancy Armstrong or The Rev. Canon Jim Lewis.