Parish Property Transitions

Please keep the following congregations, their leaders and clergy in your prayers as they move through this season of transition having had to (for the most part) relinquish their property. All but one of these parishes are or have moved from their historic properties into temporary worship spaces. St. Matthew’s, Fort Motte, has now purchased their property back from TECSC.

The following details are provided for prayer support, for those who would like to attend final and first worship services and for those wanting to write notes of encouragement. We have created a development fund for financial contributions. Click the button below to contribute.

Church of the Good Shepherd, Charleston

Final Service in current location: Sunday, August 27 @10:30, 1393 Miles Drive, Charleston,
First Service in new location:
We’ll take a sabbatical on Sunday, September 3, 2023 and will worship at Northbridge Baptist Church starting on Sunday, September 10, 2023 at 4 pm. Note: Beginning August 4, 2024 services will be held at 11 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall of Northbridge Baptist Church.

Address for New Worship Location: Northbridge Baptist Church, 1160 Sam Rittenberg Blvd, Charleston, SC  
Mailing Address for Messages of Support: Church of the Good Shepherd, PO Box 30909, Charleston, SC 29417-0909
Parish Website:
Clergy: The Rev. Will Klauber (Sara), The Rev. Dan Farley (Sue)

St. John’s Parish Church, Johns Island

Final Service in Historic Church: July 10, 2022
First Service in New Location: July 17, 2022
Address for New Worship Location: Haut Gap Middle School, 1861 Bohicket Rd.,  Johns Island, SC 29455
Mailing Address for Messages of Support: St. John’s Parish Church, PO Box 125, Johns Island, SC 29457
Parish Website:
Clergy: The Rev. Jeremy Shelton (Jessica)

A Recent Update from the Rev. Jeremy Shelton (June 2023):

July 17, 2023 marks one year since St. John’s Parish Church has left its historic buildings and grounds.  It has been a year of blessing despite the difficulties.  The congregation has miraculously grown since worshipping at Haut Gap Middle School.  In December 2022 a three year lease was signed for office/meeting space (that includes a small chapel).  On June 18, 2023 St. John’s Parish Church had their largest confirmation class in more than five years — most of whom began attending after the move.  As of June 21, St. John’s Parish Church is under contract for a parcel of land on Johns Island upon which to build in the future.  During this time of transition and hope, Ephesians 2:19-22 has been a guiding light of encouragement as we look forward to the Lord’s will being done in our participation of building His kingdom on earth.  Praise the Lord for His faithfulness.

St. David’s, Cheraw

Final Service in Historic Church: July 31, 2022
First Service in New Location: August 7, 2022
Address for New Worship Location: Wesley United Methodist Church, 309 Greene Street, Cheraw
Mailing Address for Messages of Support: St. David’s Church,PO Box is 926, Cheraw, SC 29520
Parish Website:
Clergy: The Rev. Jason Varnadore (Jenna)

Christ Church Anglican, Mt. Pleasant

Final Service in current location: August 28, 2022, 10 a.m.
First Service in new location: September 11, 2022, 10 a.m.
Address for new worship location: Jennie Moore Elementary School, 2725 Bulrush Basket Lane, Mt. Pleasant, SC, 29466
Mailing Address for Messages of Support: 3022 S. Morgans Point Road # 274, Mt. Pleasant, SC, 29466
Parish Website:
Clergy: The Rev. Ted Duvall (Katherine), The Rev. C.J. Ausmus(Katherine), The Rev. Joyce Harder (Howard), The Rev. Canon Jim Lewis (Libby)

A Recent Update from the Rev. Ted. Duvall (June 2023):

In two months we’ll have been in our new life for one year, and much has happened.  We have purchased land on which to build a new church, and started a building committee to guide this exciting but long, complicated and expensive process; we’ve replaced our departed Associate Rector, and now turn to replacing our Youth Minister who is headed to seminary.  Much is different:  instead of three services, we are all together in one, VBS is at a Baptist church, and every ministry idea must answer the question, “but where are we going to do that?”  But the heart is the same – we are to make disciples, and there is a sweet, sweet Spirit in this congregation.  For now, we are a smaller congregation since the loss and split, but are eager to grow and we appreciate the support the diocesan family can give us.

Holy Trinity Anglican, Charleston

Final Service in current location: September 11, 2022
First Service in new location: September 18, 2022,  10 a.m.
Address for New Worship Location: 1101 Camp Road, Charleston, SC 29412
Mailing Address for Messages of Support: PO Box 30476, Charleston, SC 29417
Parish Website:
Clergy: The Rev. David Dubay (Lisa)

Holy Trinity Anglican now gathers for worship at 3:30 on Sunday afternoons (1101 Camp Road).

St. Bartholomew’s Church, ACNA, Hartsville

Final Service in current location: October 23, 10:30 a.m.
First Service in new location:
October 30, 10:30 a.m. 
Address for New Worship Location:
St. Bartholomew’s Church ACNA, 107 N 8th Street Hartsville, SC 29550
Mailing Address for Messages of Support: St. Bartholomew’s Church ACNA, PO Box 1440 Hartsville SC 29551
Parish Website:
Clergy: The Rev. Bill Oldland (Ellen)

A Recent Update from the Rev. Bill Oldland (July 2023):

St Bartholomew’s is doing very well and growing. We are involved in multiple new and exciting outreach projects. We have added seven new members by confirmation and eight new members by Baptism since we moved into the building on October 30th. We are actively seeking a permanent home. We would appreciate everyone’s prayers that the Lord will lead us to this new location.

Saint James Anglican Church, James Island

Final Service in current location: November 20, 10 a.m.
First Service in new location: November 27, 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. Note: Parking is limited
Address for New Worship Location: James Island Town Hall, 1122 Dillsbluff Rd, Charleston
Mailing Address for Messages of Support: Saint James Anglican Church, PO Box 14456, Charleston, SC 29422
New Location for Church Offices: First Baptist Church at 1110 Camp Road, Charleston
Parish Website:
Clergy: The Rev. Richard Grimball (Paige)

St. Matthew’s, Fort Motte

The parish of St. Matthew’s were able to purchase their property back from TEC. Read. more.
Address Worship Location: 1164 Ft Motte Road, Ft Motte, SC
Parish Website:
Clergy: The Rev. Janet Echols

A Recent Update from the Rev. Janet Echols (June 2023):

By the grace of God and with the help of friends and family, far and near, we were able to by back our property and have a deed free and clear. Many thanks to everyone in the ADSC who prayed and gave and encouraged us throughout this faith filled  journey. Believing we are blessed to be a blessing … we now earnestly seek God’s will for this next season.

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