Praise & Glory Offerings

Praise & Glory Jar
Every woman in our diocese is encouraged to join in this ministry through daily offerings of praise and thanksgiving for the blessings our Lord has bestowed upon us.

As women in the Anglican Diocese of South Carolina we have a wonderful opportunity to show our thankfulness to the Lord and practice generosity through the ministry of our Praise and Glory Offerings. The Praise and Glory Offering deepens and strengthens our spiritual lives by reminding us to praise God and give Him the glory for blessings large and small. As we place offerings in the Praise and Glory jars, we are helping further the gospel to brothers and sisters in Christ and the lost.

For the coming year 2019-2020, our proceeds will be distributed for Saint Albans Chapel Society. Saint Albans Chapel Society is an Anglican ministry that welcomes cadets of all denominations at the Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina. It is led by the Rev. Rob Sturdy (a ‘03 alumnus). Saint Albans is an Anglican Chapel, whose activities include conducting worship services; bible studies; retreats; mentoring and counseling and operating a lounge to provide a haven for cadets to rest, enjoy snacks and find a listening ear.

If you would like to receive stickers to make Praise and Glory Offering Jars for each member of your women’s group or to have Praise and Glory Offering Jars placed in your church, please do this first with the blessing and coordination of your parish priest.

While the suggested collection dates for our Praise and Glory offerings are  November 10, 2019 (right before Thanksgiving) and the other is March 29, 2020  (just prior to Palm Sunday), feel free to select a Sunday that fits well with your church’s schedule.

Please make all checks payable to the “Women in the Anglican Diocese of South Carolina” noting “Praise and Glory Offering” in the memo. Mail to:​​​ Women of the Anglican Diocese of South Carolina, C/O Mrs. Cynthia Hiott, 1461 Wando Road, North Charleston, SC 29405

If your church would like encouragement to START a Praise and Glory Offering please feel free to call me 843-813-0513 or email I would be happy to come and share with your ladies.

Yours in Christ,

Cynthia Hiott
Praise and Glory Coordinator 2019-2020
Women of the Anglican Diocese of SC