Praise & Glory Offerings

Praise & Glory JarReflecting on the ultimate purpose of our existence, which is to glorify God, we, the Women of the Anglican Diocese of South Carolina, have great opportunities to draw closer to and build stronger relationships with God Almighty. Our Praise and Glory offering is one of these opportunities. Our God is worthy of all honor and praise and glory for the great things He has done. He offered His only begotten Son to redeem us. He showers us with blessings every day. 

You have the opportunity to praise Him and glorify Him every day in a tangible way by recounting His blessings in your life and dropping an offering in a jar. As the offerings fill the jar, you will be reminded of God’s blessings and His love for you.

A worthy Project is chosen to receive the collected Praise and Glory offerings each year. 

The Project for 2023 is The Anglican Camp Development Fund.       

The Project for 2024 is Camp Jubilee.

When sending in your Praise and Glory offerings, convert the funds to a check made payable to:

The Anglican Diocese of South Carolina

(Please remember to write “Praise and Glory” on the Memo Line of your check.)

Mail to:

The Anglican Diocese of South Carolina

P.O. Box 20127, Charleston SC 29413