Diocesan Periodical Club

The Diocesan Periodical Club

The Diocesan Periodical Club has the privilege of providing Bibles, prayer books, text books and other printed Christian materials needed for spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ as supported by The Diocese of South Carolina.

In the past, we have fulfilled this mission in several ways.  First, we have provided text books for the seminarians from our Diocese.  Secondly, we have provided children’s books, prayer books and Bibles for missions supported by the Diocese of South Carolina.  Thirdly, we are always interested in providing Bibles for people who cannot otherwise have The Word of God.

The DPC has traditionally collected funds on the third Sunday of September.  Churches are welcome to designate this Sunday or a Sunday of their choosing for collecting for the DPC fund.  Envelopes are available at the Annual Meeting.  You are also welcome to use a plain envelope marked for “DPC”.   Make checks out to Anglican Diocese of South Carolina and note “DPC” in the memo line.

Please send checks to:

The Anglican Diocese of South Carolina
P. O. Box 20127
Charleston, SC 29413


The Word of God is one of the main ways that the Lord guides and directs us.  By reading His living Word, we draw near to Him.  Matthew 4:4 says, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.”  Yes, reading, meditating, memorizing scripture is important to feeding our hearts for God.  Please pray about ways to collect money within your church in order to provide this means for others to have the Word of God for their personal lives.  It is an honor to serve the Lord by helping others read His written Word.

May the Lord bless you as you prayerfully provide funds for spreading the Word of God throughout the world.