Abuse Prevention

Children on playground

It is the policy of the Anglican Diocese of South Carolina (the “ADOSC” or “the Diocese”) that the Diocese will not tolerate any form of abuse of children or youth involving clergy, lay staff members, volunteers or other persons.  Everyone who serves the church through educational, pastoral, recreational or other activities is expected to maintain the highest biblical standards in relationships with those to whom they minister, avoiding any form of misconduct. That commitment extends to sexual, physical and emotional behavior.  Compliance with the Policy is mandatory for all ADOSC churches.[1]  The Diocese will proactively implement procedures to train, communicate and respond to incidents of abuse. 

In order to implement the Policy, the ADOSC has also promulgated important compliance requirements and deadlines for ADOSC churches found in our ADOSC Child and Youth Protection Policy Manual (this “Policy Manual”). Please carefully review this Policy Manual and the compliance deadlines contained herein, knowing that even though policies cannot provide protection, our combined training, education and compliance can. Together, compliance with the requirements found in this Policy Manual can keep us accountable, aware and ready to serve a world where some people cause harm within the Church.

In addition, because the safety of children and youth is of the highest importance, those who have a civil or criminal record of child abuse and/or domestic violence are not allowed to serve in a children’s ministry or youth program.

[1] As used in the Policy and this Policy Manual, the term “church” or “churches” refers to all parishes and missions of the ADOSC.