Examining Chaplains

The role of the Examining Chaplains is to oversee the formation process for those being prepared for ordination to the Priesthood.  The Chaplains ensure that those pursuing ordination to the Priesthood receive the necessary theological training required to prepare them for ministry.  Among other things, this means ensuring that the necessary course work is successfully completed, and Candidates are equipped to successfully complete their Canonical Exams at the conclusion of their training.

The Chaplains administer both written and oral canonical exams prior to graduation from seminary and/or ordination to the Transitional Diaconate.  Candidates are expected to be prepared to demonstrate competence in all the required nine canonical areas (ACNA Title III, Canon 4, Section II (pg. 22)

Candidates will not be presented to the Standing Committee for consideration for ordination until they have demonstrated competency in all areas or completed such remedial work as the Chaplains deem necessary.