Commission on Ministry

The Commission on Ministry (COM) serves as a council of advice to the Bishop in the initial ordination discernment process of the Diocese.  After meeting with their parish clergy and a parish discernment committee, aspirants for ordination meet with the COM at an overnight retreat to further explore their calling.  Based upon the interviews and interactions during that retreat (in addition to all the information gathered by others to that point), the COM will make a recommendation to the Bishop as to whether individuals should be made postulants for ordination and move forward in the formation process.

The COM normally will host a discernment retreat for the Priesthood in the spring and for the Vocational Diaconate in the fall.  Their role is to bring the collective discernment of the Diocese, as the Body of Christ, to the process of affirming a call to ordained ministry.

Current Members of the Commission on Ministry

The Rev. Karl Burns,  Chairman

Mrs. Sue Beson

Mr. Sam Dargan

The Rev. Janet Echols

The Rev. Joyce Harder

The Rev. Cn. Jim Lewis

The Ven. Dr. Kelly O’Lear

Mr. Foster Smith

The Rev. Jamie Sosnowski

The Rev. Louise Weld