Articles of Interest, Letters of Support & Documents of Interest

Articles of Interest

The Real Story Behind Our Split with The Episcopal Church

Why Did Diocesan Churches Reject What TEC Claims was an Offer to Settle?

Speaking of Reconciliation, the Living Church/February 8, 2013

SC Episcopal Diocese Claims a Victory in Secession Struggle, Religion News Service/ January 24, 2013

Comprehensive Identity Theft, Misrepresenting The Rt. Rev. William Alexander Guerry,/January 16, 2013

St. Matthias joins lawsuit against The Episcopal Church, the Item/January 15, 2013

South Carolina Schism Descending Into Farce; Church of England Newspaper/December 16, 2012

Open Letter to the Bishops of the Episcopal Church by the Anglican Communion Institute/November 27, 2012

Church of England will not break with South Carolina,Anglican Ink/November 19, 2012

Dumbing Abandonment Down by Mark McColl in the Living Church/October 31, 2012


Letters of Support

Letter of Support from Diocese of Maseno South, Anglican Church of Kenya/October 20, 2014

Letter of Support from the Global South Primates recognizing the faithfulness of Bishop Lawrence and agreeing to provide provisional primatial oversight to the Diocese/August 21, 2014

Letter of Support from Steering Committee of GAFCON Primates/December 14, 2012

Letter of Support from the Most Rev. Dr. Mouneer Hanna Anis, Bishop of Episcopal/Anglican Diocese of Egypt/December 6, 2012

Letter of Support from the Church of Uganda/November 22, 2012

Letter of Support from Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans/October 31, 2012

Letter of Support from Global South Primates Following Lawrence’s Restriction of Ministry/October 25, 2012

Letter of Support from the Archbishop of the Anglican Church in North America/October 23, 2012


Documents of Interest

Resolution passed by the Standing Committee withdrawing our membership in The Episcopal Church and our accession to its constitution effective upon the occurrence of any action against anyone within the Diocese.

Resolution passed by the Standing Committee that called a convention following any action against the Bishop.

Interpretation of our Canons by Bishop Lawrence giving the Standing Committee authority to withdraw the Diocese from TEC.