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Being A Strategic Father

A 7-Week Program To Equip Men To Be The Fathers God Has Called Us To Be.
Curriculum Developed by Jay Crouse
Coordinator for Men’s Ministry Anglican Diocese of South Carolina
with Robert Lewis/ Raising a Modern Day Knight & Dr. Meg Meeker/ Strong Fathers/Strong Daughters

When teaching on leadership, Andy Stanley, founder of North Point Church in Atlanta, GA, puts this stake in the ground: “the most unique leadership we will ever hold is that of Father and Mother.”  He continues that the cold reality that every other leadership role we may attain can and will be replaced, but not so as parents.  Being a father is a unique, life long, leadership position only you will hold!  How then are we to be coached, equipped, prepared to follow in our heavenly Father’s footsteps, as the fathers He calls us to be?

There is only one place in which to faithfully accomplish such a big, holy, audacious adventure: the Christian Church. Church leaders you now have available to you is a 7-week resource for you to provide for the fathers in your congregation a great opportunity to join together to be strategic fathers.

The curriculum overview:

  1. Sizing Yourself Up as a Dad
  2. Shaping Up as a Dad
  3. Dad’s Workout Program for his son(s) and daughter(s)
  4. For a son: you are the most important Man in his life
  5. For a daughter: you are the most important Man in her life.
  6. Living into Being a Strategic Father

This curriculum is free and available through Jay Crouse, 941-320-0271