Church Planting Residency Program

Our Next Church Planting Residency Begins FALL of 2023


Jesus did not just talk about ministry ideas with His disciples.


He trained His disciples for ministry.


That is the heart behind our new ADOSC Church Planting Residency. This 12-18 month Residency will help train individuals and teams for the work of church planting in our diocese and beyond. Here are a few logistical details:


  • Residency is open to both Clergy and Laity.
  • Meetings will take place two evenings per month with a mix of virtual and in-person gatherings.
  • Curriculum will include Assessment, Calling, Training and Practical Application for the planter’s specific ministry context.


If you are interested in learning more about and applying for our Residency program, click the link below.  In the meantime, if you have any questions about the Residency (or anything else related to Church Planting), please contact me, the Rev. Todd Simonis, Diocesan Canon for Church Planting at or 843.522.1712.