$25,000 Grant from Jerusalem Fund Helps St. David’s Settle with TEC

Varnadore family in front of home

Rectory Secured for the Varnadores

On November 29th the Development Fund Board approved a $25,000 grant to St. David’s, Cheraw, which, combined with funds from St. David’s, enabled them to complete their settlement with the Episcopal Church. As part of the settlement TEC relinquished all claims to the church’s rectory, enabling the parish to retain ownership of the property.

One of the often-overlooked issues in these recent transfers of property is that not only does the parish lose worship and education space, it may also lose a rectory, which then leaves a rector or vicar and their family scrambling at a time when the parish is facing additional hurdles.

“When St. David’s interviewed me to be their rector one of the questions asked was, ‘What would we do if we lost the properties?’” said Jason Varnadore, Vicar of St. David’s. “My response was – if they helped me provide for my family we wouldn’t go anywhere.”

Once the parish settled all claims with the Episcopal Church and the parish secured title to the property, they sold it to the Varnadores.

“We love this particular property,” said Varnadore, “and to get to own it is mind blowing. We are overjoyed to be able to purchase it from the church. I don’t think we could have reached a deal with TEC without the Jerusalem Fund. They filled in the gap. And through the efforts both of the local parish and the Jerusalem fund they have more than adequately enabled me to provide for my family. We are very grateful.”

The Rev. Canon Jim Lewis, Canon to the Ordinary and a member of the Development Fund Board said, “For generations, the people of this Diocese have given generously for the building up of God’s Kingdom through His Church. Our places of worship and the ministries they support bear testimony to that historic faithfulness. Now, in this new season, we invite all who will join us in a new undertaking. We will plant and replant for a new generation and a fresh harvest. Together, we will launch a new season of growth for which many of us have long waited and looked forward expectantly. Please join us in this labor and give generously, as you feel led, for the expansion of God’s Kingdom in this time and place.”

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