St. Matthew’s Raises $275,000; Keeps Property

St. Matthew's, Fort Motte

St. Matthew’s, Fort Motte, invites everyone to attend their “Save the Church” Celebration at 4 p.m. on Sunday, March 14. The parish, which following the SC Supreme Court Ruling was given the opportunity to buy back their building, accomplished the goal of raising the amount needed to purchase the property by the January 1 deadline. 

“Thanks be to God! We reached our goal of $275,000 and have our deed!” the Rector, the Rev. Janet Echols, announced in a recent church post.

 “Through your generosity and the sacrificial giving of folks inside and outside our church family, we were able to buy back our church building, graveyard, and parish hall. We have a deed to our property that now belongs to the Parish and to no one else! We thank God for His provision. Every step of the way He worked above and beyond our dreams and expectations to bring us to this point.

“The past is preserved. Now it’s time to build for the future.”

St. Matthew’s is embarking on a new fundraising effort to take the church into the next season.

“Because of the lawsuit, there are several projects we have put off that need to be taken care of,” she said, “roofing, flooring, playground, etc. You may have been waiting until the new tax year to give and feel like you missed the chance to be part of “Save Our Church.” It is not too late. We will keep the campaign open and any more money that comes in will NOT go into savings; it will go into a special building fund, a fund that will prepare us for the future.”

To donate to the fund, make checks out to St Matthew’s Parish and mail them to PO Box 447, St Matthews SC 29135, writing “Building” on the memo line. Or give online.