Standing Committee

Standing Committee

The Standing Committee is composed of six laypersons and six clergy, chosen at Diocesan Convention and serving overlapping terms of three years each. The Committee is the Bishop’s Council of Advice and is the Ecclesiastical Authority of the Diocese in the absence of the Bishop. The Committee is canonically responsible for the approval of candidates for ordination and for approving parish requests to sell property and take on debt. The Standing Committee may also pass such standing resolutions as may be deemed necessary between meetings of Diocesan Convention.

The Rev. Shay Gaillard, President
The Rev. Tripp Jeffords, Vice President
Francis Mack, Secretary

The Rev. Ron Greiser
The Very Rev. Ken Weldon
John E. Benson
Carol Morrison
Judy Hood
The Rev. Rob Sturdy
The Rev. Tyler Prescott
Bill Lyles
George Greene

Mr. Alan Runyan, (ex-officio)
Mr. Ben Hagood (ex-officio)