The Blessing

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The Blessing

Prescott child receiving blessingWe envision the scene. Jacob, shaking and frail, his eyes clouded with age, extends his arms toward his grandsons. He places his hands on their heads and speaks words of blessing to each. Jacob understands the power and importance of these words; after all, he fought his brother, Esau, for the right to their father’s blessing.

This scene delivers a convincing message to those of us grandparents who are now the patriarchs and matriarchs of our families. One of our God-given privileges (and responsibilities) is to bless our children and grandchildren. This blessing serves as a reminder that it isn’t about who they are, but “Whose they are.”

The Blessing Ceremony is a GrandCamp tradition that occurs on Thursday evening. We want to encourage you to take this week to bless your grandchildren. For those of you, who are new to GrandCamp and the concept of the spoken blessing, we encourage you to look at the following resources (all linked below)

  1. Five Elements of the Spoken Blessing (Faith Path)
  2. “Unleashing the Spoken Blessing” video (Cavin Harper)
  3. “Explaining the Blessing to Your Grandchild: video (Cathy Jacobs)
  4. “Letter from a Grandma” (Cathy Jacob)
  5. “The Blessing” (Global Choir)

The Spoken Blessing isn’t restricted to GrandCamp; it’s a way of life. Therefore, we need to create a culture of blessing by observing this tradition whenever we are with our children and grandchildren.

Read a letter from Cathy Jacobs explaining The Blessing and giving instructions on how to teach it using a “Pipeline.