Diocesan Payroll Program

What is the Diocesan Payroll Program?


The Anglican Diocese of South Carolina uses Checkwriters payroll services.  By joining this program, the Diocesan Office has the resources to offer Parishes and Missions a payroll service, thus relieving you of the responsibility of processing your payrolls and filing taxes.

How does it work?

The process is simple!  The Diocesan Office will set up your payroll through Checkwriters as a separate company code using your Federal and State Tax ID numbers for tax filings.  You would provide your payroll data to the Diocesan Office who will enter and transmit your payroll to Checkwriters.  Checkwriters generates the checks and reports, prepares the tax filings and debits your bank account for the taxes and fees.  Checkwriters will send the paychecks directly to you via direct deposit or FedEx 2-day delivery.  All reports are available on-line the day after transmission (usually 2 days before pay day).

How do you enroll in the Diocesan Payroll Program?

Contact Susan Burns about your interest in the program and a possible start date.  Checkwriters is willing to start a new participant at any time during the year; however, the end of a quarter is easiest.  It takes approximately 2 months to enter all information and set up the new payroll.  Your Diocesan Office will then take responsibility for implementing your payroll.

What if you have questions or need more information?

Please contact:  Susan Burns at the Diocesan Office
843-722-4075 ext. 103
843-628-3989 fax

You save Time and Money

There is a one-time set up charge of $100.00.  There are no expenses associated with hardware or software purchases and you do not have to worry about upgrading.  All church reports are available on-line and employees have access to their paystubs and W2’s through self-service.  It frees your staff of the time-consuming processing of payrolls and ensures the timeliness and accuracy of your payroll.

Checkwriters Fees

We are offering this service to you free of charge so you pay only Checkwriters fees.  

Base Processing fee:  $35 per payroll and $1.26 per employee

E-Verify fee:  Checkwriters combines E-Verify with background checks which is expensive. New employees need to be E-Verified at https://www.e-verify.gov/. 

New Hire Reporting per employee:  $1.11 per employee.  This will report new employees to DSS

Delivery:  At cost

Base Tax Filing fee:  $0

Quarter/Year End Charges:  $0

W2’s and 1099’s:  $60 base fee, $6.50 per employee