Convention Resolutions

The 2024 Diocesan Convention of the ADOSC presently has eight resolutions for consideration at this year’s synod.

The first three, R-1, R-2 and R-3 are all required second votes on amendments to the Constitution passed by the 2023 Convention. They will, respectively, change the referenced name of the Diocese, further clarify that the Standing Committee is the board of directors of the Diocese, and amend the reference to the Treasurer.

The next series of resolution R-4, R-5 and R-6, are to adopt the use of gender neutral language as needed in the Constitution, the Canons and Standing Resolutions of the Diocese.

The resolution R-7 will effectively replace the current Canon XXXV with clearer language regarding the prevention of sexual misconduct in the Diocese. In particular, it brings the governing canon for child and youth protection into better congruence with the new diocesan Policy adopted by the Standing Committee.

The final resolution currently before the Convention (R-8) will begin the process of amending our canons for the calling and electing of bishops to reflect the Provincial requirements of the ACNA. The resolution before this convention addresses the definitions of Diocesan, Coadjutor, Suffragan and Assistant bishops.

View revised edits to Constitution.

View revised edits to Canons.