Evangelism Resources

Books on Evangelism

Evangelism through the Local Church: A Comprehensive
Guide to all Aspects of Evangelism, Michael Green
Evangelism in the Early Church, Michael Green
Becoming a Contagious Christian*, Hybels and Mittelberg
Expository Apologetics, Voddie Baucham
Out of the Salt Shaker & Into the World, Rebecca Manley Pippert
A Reasonable Faith, Timothy Keller
Evangelism and The Sovereignty of God, J. I. Packer
Honest Evangelism, Rico Tice
Just Walk Across the Room, Bill Hybels
Power Evangelism, John Wimber
Purple Fish, Mark O. Wilson
The Soul Winner, Charles H. Spurgeon
Uncovering the Life of Jesus, Rebecca Manley Pippert
The Gospel and Personal Evangelism, Mark Dever, Mahaney
Coming to Jesus, Roy J. Fish
All In, Mark Batterson
The Gospel and personal evangelism, Mark Dever
The Unbelievable Gospel, Dodson
Reimagining Evangelism, Richardson
Tell Someone, Greg Laurie
The Story of Reality, Gregory Koukl
Winsome Persuasion, Muehlhoff & Langer
Immeasurable, Skye Jethani
Evangelism: How the Church speaks, J. Mack Stiles
Questioning Evangelism, Randy Newman
Conversational Evangelism, David Geisler
Your Story Counts (Sharing your Story), John Sorensen

*Becoming a Contagious Christian contains the six natural styles of Evangelism presented in the Workshop.

Media Resources

Anglican Evangelism Resources

Christianity Explored Ministries
The best way for people to discover the good news about Jesus is by opening the Bible together. Our materials focus on helping people meet Jesus through the pages of Scripture. That’s why the Explored (Christianity Explored, Discipleship Explored, and Life Explored) series is a great way to share the good news. www.ceministries.org

The Good Book Company
Biblical, relevant and accessible resources that will encourage you and your church family to keep going, keep growing and keep sharing your faith. www.thegoodbook.com

Matthias Ministries (Resources for Disciple making) www.matthiasmedia.com/outreach/evangelistic-resources

Other Evangelism Resources

(Mr. Joe Nicholson of our committee will be presenting from this teaching)

(This site offers four sessions devoted to personal evangelism)

(Creative Evangelism Ideas – For students and adults)

(A course in evangelism by Harvestime International Institute of Colorado Springs, CO.)


Living Waters seeks to train the members of Christ’s Body in the principles of biblical evangelism and to provide them with practical tools to proclaim the gospel.