GAFCON Releases Kigali Commitment

GAFCON Bishops

April 21, 2023 – The fourth Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) drew to a close today with a reading of the Kigali Commitment, following the normal worship and Bible teaching that began every morning.  The five-day conference met from April 17-21 in Kigali, Rwanda, bringing together 1,300 delegates from 52 countries. The participants had received a first draft of the statement on Wednesday, April 19 and each provincial delegation was given the opportunity to offer edits and suggestions. Our South Carolina delegation gathered with about 200 others from the province of the ACNA.

“I’m grateful that the statement is decisive and I’m grateful that it reflects the common mind of both the GAFCON provinces and the Global South Provinces,” said Bishop Edgar. “The net effect of the statement it seems to me is that GAFCON and the Global South have served notice that Anglicanism is not defined by our association with the See of Canterbury but by the faithful embrace of the Holy Scriptures, interpreted by the 39 articles and the Book of Common Prayer.”

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