Easter and the Coronavirus

An Interview with Bishop Mark Lawrence by Joy Hunter

Bishop, for many of us this will be the first time in our lives we won’t be in church on Easter

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Shutters with text

(The following is an edited version of a sermon by Bishop Mark Lawrence, given on Palm Sunday, 2020 at St. Michael’s Church in Charleston, SC)

I received an email last

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Planting Seeds

By Bishop Mark Lawrence

Today is an Ember Day in the Church’s Calendar. So is this Friday and Saturday. Mostly they go unnoticed—you may have never heard of them.  Ember

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Praise & Glory Jars Foster the Sacrament of Giving

2019-2020 Funds Collected for Ministry at the Citadel, St. Alban’s Chapel

This article was originally shared December 2019.

The Bible is full of verses urging us to give God praise and

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Orangeburg, S.C. (November 26, 2019) –Earlier today, South Carolina Circuit Court Judge Edgar Dickson held a hearing regarding motions related to the ongoing litigation between The Anglican Diocese of

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On November 11, 2019 the Episcopal Church in South Carolina filed yet another petition in Federal Court this time objecting to the Diocese’s use of

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Bishop Mark Lawrence recently appointed The Rev. Todd Simonis, who serves as an Associate at St. Helena’s, Beaufort,

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Clergy worship at Clergy Conf. Photo K. Strawn

“One of My Favorite Parts were the Conversations with Other Clergy…”

By the Rev. Newman Lawrence, Assistant Priest, Church of Our Saviour, Johns Island

As a first-time attendee to the Anglican

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delegates voting

Each year at this time, the Clergy and other leaders of the Diocese are invited to provide suggestions to the Nominating Committee for those positions to be filled at

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