Court Moves Petitions for Rehearing Forward


Yesterday, June 8, 2022, in welcome news for the Anglican Diocese of South Carolina, the South Carolina Supreme Court released an order concerning the eight petitions for rehearing filed by parishes of the Diocese.  For seven of those congregations, the court requested that the Episcopal Church (TEC) and the  Episcopal Church in South Carolina (TECSC)  submit a return by June 20 responding to the arguments made by the seven parishes.  The issues TEC and TECSC must address are:  1) the effect of subsection 62-7-602(a) of the South Carolina Code making all trusts created after Jan. 1, 2006 revocable, and 2) the argument that no trust was created by accession language incorporated in governing documents prior to 1979.  Based on the April 20 ruling, these parishes maintain they did not create a trust interest in favor of TEC or TECSC and therefore, should retain ownership of their properties.

The parishes whose petitions for rehearing are included in the Court’s request are:  the Church of the Holy Cross (Stateburg), the Church of the Good Shepherd (Charleston), the Church of the Holy Comforter (Sumter),  St. Jude’s Church (Walterboro),  Old St. Andrew’s (Charleston),  St. Luke’s Church (Hilton Head) and Trinity Church (Myrtle Beach). The petition for Christ Church (Mt. Pleasant) was denied in its entirety. The people of the Diocese are encouraged to keep these parishes, the Supreme Court and its continued deliberations in their prayers.