Volunteer Doctors, Dentists and Assistants Sow Seeds of Compassion on Edisto

Trinity, Edisto, Partners with the Good Samaritan Clinic

The Good Samaritan Clinic on Edisto Island provides basic medical and dental services to the underserved residents of Edisto Island and the surrounding areas. All services are provided at no cost to the individuals in need.

Trinity, Edisto, has graciously provided a long-term ground lease for the clinic to house its gifted modular medical and dental facility. As well, Trinity has provided ongoing financial support via the congregation and Trinity’s Mission Committee. Trinity has also generated a large number of volunteers who serve in both the dental and medical areas.

The Edisto clinic is associated with the Good Samaritan Clinics operating in the Columbia and surrounding areas.

Original funding for the clinic came in the form of generous gifts from multiple organizations and individuals as well as a grant from the Mother Emanuel Foundation.

Multiple obstacles created by the COVID era have been overcome and the facility now operates both its dental and medical ministry at full capacity. The rural nature of Edisto Island has proven to be a good field in which to sow the seed of compassion as reflected in the Luke parable of the Good Samaritan.

The Clinic has partnered with Catholic Charities to provide dentures, partials and other dental assistance to local residents through their Save A Smile program. Amazing results are seen weekly!

The Edisto Clinic is staffed by a dedicated group of mostly retired dentists, medical doctors, physician assistants, nurses, dental assistants and support staff. All have found that pouring their time and talent back into their local community has not only blessed those in need, but has provided them with a very rewarding experience.

The efforts of the Clinic are supported by the Edisto Island Ministerial Alliance as well as a multitude of other churches and organizations on the island. As a faith-based organization, the clinic operates with the clear mission of giving full credit for its efforts to God. All who are associated know and understand we are blessed by serving our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who are in need.

by Will Wright, Trinity, Edisto