Voices Worth Listening To

Ninety Citadel Cadets Attend Fall Retreat

Ninety Citadel Cadets Attend Fall Retreat

This article was originally shared December 2019.

Ninety Citadel cadets were challenged to consider “Voices Worth Listening To” at the St. Alban’s Fall Retreat led by the Rev. Rob Sturdy and his team, October 11 through 13.

The teachings covered The Voice of the Father, The Voice of Friends, The Voice of Romantic Interests and Resisting the Voice of the Devil.

The Church of the Cross, Bluffton, hosted the gathering providing space for the teaching sessions and providing meals. The church also organized boats for all of the cadets to be taken to Jack Rowe Island where Sturdy, along with cadets who had played an important part in leading the new believers to Christ, baptized 11 new believers.

Afterward, the group returned to Bluffton, where the newly baptized took their first communion on the bluff at the historic church.

To view a brief video from the retreat click here.