The Palms Project CD 2020

Former Summer Camp Worship Leaders Create CD as Fundraiser for St. Christopher

Do you remember what it felt like to worship in the Chapel of the Palms? When the room was filled with children or teens lifting their voices in praise? Can you sense the movement of the Holy Spirit as those present were filled and drawn closer to Christ? If you ever attended summer camp at Camp St. Christopher, you can probably recreate those moments in your mind. If you want to step back into that moment, you’re going to want a copy of the new Palms Project CD.

This past July, six former summer camp worship leaders gathered in the Chapel of the Palms to create a CD which would not only recreate the experience of worship in the Chapel but also serve as a fund raiser for the camp that played such an important role in each of their lives.

It began as an idea from Tradd Zanin, who served on staff from 2016-2019. He ran it by fellow staff alums Grayson Jones and Hannah Jane Jones. With their encouragement, he contacted other worship leaders and over one long weekend Andrew Avent, Grayson Jones, Andrew Hunter, Samuel Hunter, Maddie Steen and Tradd gathered at the Camp for a marathon of recording.

“We hit the ground running,” says Zanin, “and recorded 18 songs. We were singing actively for close to 16 hours. We were tired, but the spirit was high. It was fun.”

Each person chose songs they remembered from their time at camp. “It wasn’t just songs we loved,” says Zanin. “They were ones that drew us deeper into worship when we were at camp. Some chose hymns, some songs from the early 2000’s, some chose more modern songs.”

They recorded the music using room microphones to pick up the ambient sounds of the chapel. “It has great acoustics and we wanted to record it so when people listened, they’d feel like they were back in the Chapel,” says Zanin.

“We were heartbroken to hear that the anticipated memories of Summer Camp would not be made in 2020,” says Grayson, “and that the beautiful chapel in the dunes would house only silence for a chapter. However, we also believe that times of trial are vessels through which we can experience God’s glory and faithfulness. It is through the understanding that God can redeem all things, the Palms Project was born.”

The CD is now in production and is expected to be released in the fall. Digital downloads will be $20 and hard copies of the CD will be $25. The album will include cover art by Sophie-Earle McCraw and photographs by Cameron Wilder. Look for updates at or on Instagram at @the.palms.project.

By Joy Hunter