Streams of Light from a Heart Broken

Trinity, Pinopolis, Parishioner Writes Devotional for
Those Who Grieve

After her husband, John, died suddenly, Julie Grant, a member of our congregation found herself in that “allegorical valley and discovered her faith was the only source of light that could pierce the darkness.”

As she walked through her grief, she journaled her thoughts, questions and feelings to God. Those writings have been complied into a devotional, entitled Streams of Light from a Heart Broken.

As her devotional book states, “grief is hard. There is absolutely no part of grieving that is remotely pleasant. It is not a systematic, box-ticking list of emotions you proceed through to completion. Grieving, like living, is a process determined by the choices you take on the journey, and there are always choices.”

When I heard of Julie’s book, I ordered a copy and decided to sit down to read through it. What I found was this is not a book to simply read through, but to sit down and engage with on a daily basis (as devotionals are). I was moved by Julie’s honesty and humility and her heart as she navigated through the most painful of journeys, not alone, but by crying out to Jesus and allowing Him to walk alongside her.

It is Julie’s hope that by sharing her writings, others may be “encouraged as they seek the brightest light in the darkness and that God be glorified in the offering.”

I highly recommend her book not just to individuals or small groups working their way through grief, but to anyone who needs a daily reminder of God’s love for us, in all of our circumstances…because God is good, all the time.

You may order the book on Amazon. Contact Julie at

by The Rev. Mary Ellen Doran, Trinity Church, Pinopolis