St. John’s Parish Church Purchases Property

Jeremy Shelton, Rector, speaks on new property.

On October 3, 2023 at 9:30 a.m., St. John’s Parish Church closed on a 20-acre parcel of property at 1643 Main Road on Johns Island.

“We are relieved, hopeful, expectant, joyful, and humbled in the Lord Jesus Christ for His faithfulness in leading us to this piece of land,” said the Rev’d Jeremy Shelton, Rector.

Historically, 1643 Main Road was owned by St. John’s Parish Church until 1812, and now will be their future home. Locally the parcel has been known as “Church Place,” an appropriate name that will remain.

The congregation raised the entire $1.6 million needed to purchase the property outright in less than three months. Shelton remarked, “The faithfulness of the Lord brings all of us to greater faithfulness, obedience, and generosity every day. The Lord has been good to St. John’s Parish Church these last 15 months, and we are sure He will continue the good work He has begun.”

Senior Warden, Ben Dixon, said, “I feel extremely fortunate to be part of this process, one that we as a Parish have not undertaken in almost 300 years. It is exciting to own new property on which to build a church. It has also been a blessing to experience the steadfastness of our congregation as we stepped out in faith during this process. While this is only the beginning of our journey, we now have a place to call home, to minister to the people of Johns and Wadmalaw Islands, for many years – and generations – to come.”

Special thanks go, first to the Lord Almighty, the entire congregation of St. John’s Parish Church, and also to: Ben Dixon, Sr. Warden; Jon Grandin, real estate agent; Thomas Puckette, Treasurer; and Sally Dixon, Parish Administrator.