Revell Called as Rector of Christ the King Grace

The Rev. Roger Revell & Family

The Revd Roger L. Revell has joyfully accepted a call to serve as the next Rector of Christ the King Grace Church, Pawleys Island.

With this appointment, Roger will be returning to his home state of South Carolina, having been born and raised in Rock Hill, York County. Roger is married to Cindy, who is French, and they have two children: Audrey (age 4) and Hugo (age 2). Cindy has worked in the international development and relief sector for upwards of 15 years and is a trained Stephens Minister. After several years of work in electoral politics, followed by a stint in international business, Roger discerned a call to ordained ministry, which was confirmed by the church. He took his Holy Orders as an Anglican deacon and then priest in Canada and has served as a congregational pastor, church planter, and chaplain. In 2018, he became a Fellow of the Anglican Leadership Institute established by Bishop Mark Lawrence. Alongside his ministerial vocation, Roger recently completed a doctorate in theology. This allowed him to explore an influential Reformation-era account of sanctification, with an eye to its implications for the pressing (and often fraught) contemporary question of self-development.

Together with his family, Roger is delighted about his call to support (and join) Christ the King Grace in pursuing their vision to be “a community of Christ followers, being changed by God, to serve the world.” Likewise, the Revells are honored to be joining the diocese, with its vision of “making biblical Anglicans for a global age.”

Roger’s first Sunday as the Rector will be October 2, 2022.

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