Parochial Report Forms

Parochial Report Instructions

Below you will find five documents which must be completed for 2016 and 2017 parochial information. They are divided into five different reports so that the work can be split up among the appropriate people, as needed. All are writeable PDFs for paperless submission. Important: All five reports must be returned in order for your parochial report to be considered complete. The due date is March 1, 2017.  Please note:  our Constitution and Canons require the submission of these reports, or the right to vote at diocesan convention could be jeopardized.

1. Double-click on the form to open it and save it to your computer. Compete the requested information, save it, then return it to with “Parochial Report Forms” in the subject line.

2. On the financial form and the Clergy Salary Worksheet, please use whole numbers and commas. No dollar signs necessary.

3. Once, received, you will get an e-mail acknowledging receipt. We will also let you know when the entire report (all five pages) is complete.

4. Be sure to keep a copy for your files.

5. Most forms are self-explanatory, however, the Clergy Salary Worksheet has a set of instructions, which you can view here. Fill out one for each cleric on your staff. We have combined what used to be a youth ministry report and a Christian faith formation report into one combined “Generational Ministries” form. Also there is also a breakdown of membership information by age groups. This will enable us to evaluate our missional progress in reaching younger generations. The questions on companion relationships and mission trips will also help us gauge whether or not we are living up to our mission statement of “making Biblical Anglicans for a Global Age.”

Here are the parochial report forms in which you provide information from 2016:

2016 Parochial Financial Form

2016 Parochial Membership Form

Here are the parochial report forms for which you provide information for 2017:

2017 Clergy Salary Worksheet

2017 Parochial Contact Form

2016 Generational Ministries Information

If you have any questions at all, please contact Nancy Armstrong at (843) 722-4075, Ext. 101, or