Positions to be Filled at 2021 Convention

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Positions to be Filled at the 2021 Convention

The following is a list of the offices to be filled at 2021 Convention of The Anglican Diocese of South Carolina which will be held March 12-13, 2021. The Nominating Committee is requesting your recommendations for those best suited to fill these positions. Please remember, the names you submit are suggestions, not actual nominations. Please be certain that those suggested are actually eligible and willing to serve. The Nominating Committee will then choose a slate. Following is a list of offices to be filled by Convention:

Diocesan Council (3-year term)
Clergy – 2
Lay – 2

Standing Committee (3-year term)
Clergy – 2
Lay – 2

Diocesan Trustees (6-year term)
Clergy – 1

Ecclesiastical Court (3-year term)
Clergy – 1
Lay – 1

Provincial Assembly
(No election this year)

Please submit your nominations with a short biography, online, by December 10th. Submissions may be emailed to the Rev. Canon Jim Lewis.

Diocesan Council:
Responsible for administering the ministry of the Diocese and to receive and administer all funds raised. In addition to officers, department representatives and ministry leaders, the Council has six presbyters and six laity elected by Diocesan Convention. Further, each deanery shall elect one presbyter and one laity to represent that deanery.

Standing Committee:
The Standing Committee is the Ecclesiastical Authority of the Diocese in the absence of the Bishop. The six presbyters and six laity have responsibilities including the areas of property, ordinations and corporation matters. They also serve as council of advice to the Bishop.

Diocesan Trustees:
A board of three priests and five laymen, presided over by the Bishop, the Diocesan Trustees  hold and manage assets on behalf of the Diocese.

Ecclesiastical Court:
The Ecclesiastical Court is a court of six clergy (priests or deacons) and five laity, elected by Diocesan Convention, to hear such complaints of misconduct as may be brought against clergy of the Diocese.

Provincial Assembly:
Each Diocese in ACNA is represented by its bishops, (2) clergy and (2) lay members, plus (1) additional clergy and lay member for every 1,000 in ASA over 1,000. The Assembly deliberates on matters concerning the Faith and Mission of the Church and meets at least once every five years.