Order of St. Luke the Physician

The International Order of Saint Luke the Physician

The Order of St. Luke the Physician was founded in 1932 by a priest seeking to restore the ministry of healing to its proper place in the Christian Church today. We believe that every local church should become a center for an intentional and informed ministry of prayer for both physical and inner healing. We offer resources and training for all who would seek to “touch the hem of HIS garment” or to be enfolded in Jesus” love or who would teach others to do so. Start a Chapter and learn more. If you would like answers to the questions: 1. What is the Order of St. Luke the Physician? 2. How to start a new OSL Chapter? Please contact the OSL Region 3 Director (Interim), and South Carolina State Representative, Mr. Lee F. McVay for the state of South Carolina at the numbers above. He will be happy to come and speak about OSL and starting a chapter.

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Rev. Edward J. Stiltz
OSL State Director for South Carolina
1433 Brant Avenue
Holly Hill, SC 29509
(843) 725-8529