GAFCON 2018: Meeting with our Global Family

Diocese at ALI at Gafcon

GAFCON 2018, Opening Day

What an honor, privilege and blessing to be here in Jerusalem representing the Diocese of South Carolina. This gathering of some 2,000 faithful, Bible believing Anglicans from across the globe is very special. We gathered for our opening worship following the liturgy of the Anglican Church of Kenya. I’m not sure what was the most powerful moment – the Nigerian choir leading us in Swahili singing Hakuna Mungu kama wewe, There’s no one, there’s no one like Jesus, The entire gathering singing To God be the Glory and Nothing but the blood of Jesus, or the powerfully challenging words of Archbishop Nicholas Okoh (Primate of the Anglican Church of Nigeria and chairman of the GAFCON primates) who said, “the church never fits the mood of a particular age because it is made for all ages” and “if we walk together with those who deny the orthodox faith, in word or deed, we have agreed that orthodoxy is optional”, or praying the Lord’s prayer together in a panoply of languages! It was an inspiring gathering to say the least.

As a representative of our Diocese though, I was humbled by the overwhelming awareness and concern for us. The gathering broke into small groups of eight for prayer during the morning session. My group had two Australians, a bishop and his wife from Uganda and another from Nigeria. When I introduced myself from the Diocese of South Carolina, their first response was to share how much they have been praying for us. All across the globe, Anglicans are praying for us. How encouraging to be reminded how much a part of our global family we truly are.
Our first day ended with a gathering of the Anglican Leadership Institute, founded by Bishop Lawrence, and led by The Rev Dr. Peter Moore. The room was filled with leaders from across the globe who have attended one of the sessions, and several of those of us from South Carolina here in Jerusalem.

By the Very Rev. Craige Borrett
Rector, Christ-St. Paul’s, Yonges Island