First Priest Ordained in Mexico by the ACNA

First Priest Ordained in Mexico by the ACNA

News from Roger and Joanne Griffin

This article was originally shared December 2019.

On Sunday, November 10, 2019, we celebrated a historic day for the church in Mexico. Deacon Farhid Adabache, pastor of the Church of the Great Shepherd, was ordained into the priesthood (or presbytery as we prefer to say here). Fr. Farhid is the very first Mexican national to be ordained in Mexico, in his own church, in the ACNA.

Farhid has done an outstanding job as the lay pastor of his congregation for the last five years. He and his wife, Monica, along with their congregation, have passed through some very trying times and are thriving, praise God!

Like any effective work, all of this has been a group effort among which are: Fr. Doug, the missionary church planter who founded Great Shepherd, led Farhid to the Lord, and mentored him; Meredith, a missionary of 20 years who has worked faithfully with Farhid and the church; and Fr. Elias, who reached out to Farhid when Fr. Doug returned to the states and who, for several interim years, had been traveling to Great Shepherd every month providing Eucharistic oversight and encouragement to Farhid.

Joanne and I are also blessed to be a part of this story. Besides providing pastoral oversight as the Dean, I have been working with Peter Sholl of MOCLAM (Moore College in Latin America), bringing quality theological training and formation to Farhid and others for the last two years.

Griffins Appreciate Support

In all these things, we are thankful to God. We are also very thankful for you, our supporter. Here’s a few of the things your support helps us do:

• Secure the basics of housing and food
• Travel around town and across Mexico to visit the churches of the Deanery
• Provide support in part for two national pastors in training
• Provide support in part for one of the churches
• Provide financial help for church members in need
• Provide time and materials for me to study, prepare, and teach
• Bring quality seminary formation to church leaders who are unable to attend or afford a brick-and-mortar seminary
• Secure residence visas to live in Mexico

Thank you so much! Through your prayers and support, you are also a part of Farhid’s story and God’s story in Mexico, and we really couldn’t do very much without your help.

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