Diocese Loves Neighbors With Extra Convention Lunches

Panera Sandwiches

On Saturday, March 16, near the end of the 2019 Convention of the Anglican Diocese of South Carolina, the Youth Commission of the diocese consolidated and packed up the leftover lunches that some of the delegates had passed over for restaurant food.   The gourmet sandwiches and chips and tableware were then stored overnight in a large refrigerator and delivered the next day to a migrant work camp on Johns Island.

Every Sunday evening ministers and supporters of the Diocesan Hispanic Ministries lead worship and prayer, teach the Alpha Course in Spanish or teach English using the Gospel of Mark.  On this particular Sunday afternoon, the camp was packed with soccer players from the camp’s team and another team from the greater Charleston area.   All Latino migrants with very few English language skills, very little wages, and not much time receiving pastoral care and the Word.

This article is to let you know that your meal that you paid for and then did not eat fed people who are this countries Samaritans.   The food brought people to the window of the room from which we were teaching English and the Gospel.  It gave men who work out of doors 6 or 7 days a week a balanced meal and a lunch for the next day.   Over 45 men were fed.   Rodrigo and I were able to connect with and begin new relationships with many men who had never owned a Bible and never been to any kind of church.

So thank you Anglican Diocese of South Carolina for passing up your lunch.  Thank you Holy Spirit for making me take notice of a plethora of sandwiches in my general location.  Thank you, Youth Commission, for making a huge pile of food easier to carry and distribute. Thank you Beth Snyder for giving us the okay to remove said sandwiches from the building.

If you would like to become involved on any level with the pastoral and teaching ministry your diocese is carrying out, or if you would like to start up a ministry of some kind to the migrant or non-English speaking people in your area please contact either the Rev’d David Dubay (843-801-5856) or Mr. Rodrigo Hadad de Sousa.

All of the resources we use are free and we can help you get started.   Muchismas Gracia por la comida y por sus oraciones.   Thank you for the food and for your prayers.