“Cursillo …. Had An Incredible Impact on our Marriage, Our Children, Our Faith”

Years ago my wife, Suiter and I attended Cursillo 141 and it had an incredible impact on our marriage, our children, and our faith,” says the Rev. Rags Coxe, Rector of St. Matthew’s, Darlington. “We met others who shared our experience from all around the Diocese who we now keep up with regularly. More importantly, we fell in love with Jesus and returned to our church home ready to continue our journey with Christ and our people with enthusiasm. What a refreshment to find not only what but Who had been missing in our lives!

If you ever wanted to discover something new about yourself and encounter the Risen Lord in a refreshing way, consider Cursillo. Don’t just take my word for it, listen to Bishop Mark Lawrence’s powerful testimony here: https://adosc.org/ ministries-and-departments/cursillo/

Since that first Cursillo I’ve been involved serving on team three or four times and once ordained I served as a spiritual advisor. Most recently I served as the spiritual advisor when our diocese was electing our new Bishop.

My life was changed by Cursillo in many ways – as a parent and husband. That’s the kind of effect Cursillo can have. I went from not knowing what to expect with Cursillo – to loving it.

There are times when we know there is more to our faith life than what we see. Perhaps this is your time to step out and into an experience like nothing you thought possible. What God has in store for you, no one can ever put into words. You have to go there with Him. Maybe this is your time! I would be thrilled to talk to you about Cursillo. Until then, may His blessings and peace be upon you always!

by The Rev. Rags Coxe, Rector, St. Matthew’s Darlington