Convention Nominations Sought

Convention Delegates review nominees

Each year at this time, the Clergy and other leaders of the Diocese are invited to provide suggestions to the Nominating Committee for those positions to be filled at the upcoming Diocesan Convention, which, this year, will be held March 15-16 at Saint James, James Island, SC.  We have expanded the invitation to participate in the process this year to include a larger representation of diocesan leaders and hope you will give prayerful consideration to those God may be calling to serve the Diocese.

Attached is a letter from the Nominating Committee Chairman, the Rev. Karl Burns,  a nomination form along with a list of those positions to be filled at Convention. We’re also including a list of who is currently and has recently served to help you in your discernment process. Examples of the sort of brief bio needed for a nomination can be found in last year’s nominations report.

Please send your suggestions to the Chairman of the Committee, by way of the Diocesan office by December 12th. The Nominating Committee will be convening in December to make its final recommendations for nominees well ahead of Convention. Working with the suggestions received, and often by further recruitment, the Committee will recommend a slate of nominations to the Convention.

Thanks in advance for your partnership with us in this important work of discernment.