Congregational Reporting for 2018

Prayer Book

Congregational Reporting this year will be due March 1st.  The Financial and Membership portions of this report will be incorporated in the online Provincial Report for the ACNA.  You should be receiving further details directly from the Province early next week. The full PDF version of their report is available for those who wish to distribute the work and get started.

Basic parish information on every congregation has been preloaded for you.  It is recommended that after setting up a User ID and logging in, you check that information and make any needed additions or corrections.  The information you provide here will be the profile displayed to anyone in the world searching for an ACNA parish in our area. Providing good information now will bless your parish in the long run.

The information being requested by the Diocese of South Carolina includes that regarding Generational Ministries, Parochial Contacts and Clergy Salary Worksheets. The fillable PDF’s for preparing these reports may also be found on the Diocesan website. Please read through the instructions for the Clergy Salary Worksheet before completing that form.

As always, if you have questions, please feel free to contact either the Rev. Canon Jim Lewis or Mrs. Nancy Armstrong.  Completed Diocesan forms should be emailed to Nancy by March 1st.   The Provincial information will be provided directly to the Diocese by the ACNA. Be sure to save permanent copies of both your Provincial and Diocesan reports for your parish permanent records.