Been There, Done That!

Christ Church Plaque

During my visit to Christ Church, Mt Pleasant last month, we were standing outside the historic Church waiting to process in for the early service, when this plaque caught my eye, and opened my eyes to an important lesson.

Originally built in 1707, Christ Church burned and was rebuilt in 1724. During the Revolutionary War it was burned again (1782) and finally fully rebuilt in 1797. Almost 100 years later it was burned and rebuilt again during the Civil War. Since then, Christ Church has added several newer buildings, and services are currently held in three of them.

Here’s the takeaway: We’ve been here before—buildings built, rebuilt, taken away, moves…you name it, we’ve done it. The road we are traveling with 14 of our parishes is not new to us. We’ve done it before, we can do it now.

Posted July 7, 2022, Bishop Chip Edgar