Attention Aspirants

Students at Nashotah House

I got an email today from one of the seminaries I cheer for. Caveat emptor: it isn’t the only seminary I’m all about—I’m for Trinity and for Beeson (and their Anglican Studies program) and for… well, those are my Top 3.

I am a fan of Nashotah’s Benedictine experience. Students pray, study, work, and eat together in a community setting like no other. It has to be, well, lived in order to get it. So the email. It read:

Experience Nashotah House for Yourself
If you’re discerning your call to seminary, we hope you will join us March 8-10 for Experience Nashotah. This immersive introduction to life at Nashotah House will include opportunities to:

  • Sit in on classes
  • Get to know our students
  • Meet our professors
  • Worship in St. Mary’s Chapel
  • Eat in the Refectory
  • Talk with our Director of Admissions

Here’s what past Experience Nashotah participants have said:

“I loved the whole experience — meeting students, being able to sit in on classes, meeting faculty/staff, and participating in chapel. The glimpse into the life of the school was awesome.”  ~Experience Nashotah participant, Fall 2022

“The program’s schedule mirrored and embodied the life of the seminary perfectly and truly made me feel immersed. It was that immersion in seminary life which drew me in.”  ~Experience Nashotah participant, Fall 2022

That’s what the email said. I say that if you are working toward the priesthood, and seminary is in your future, maybe you’ll want to check it out. If you have questions, the House’s Director of Admissions, Fr. Ben Hankinson, is happy to talk through your questions about pursuing a degree at Nashotah House. Contact Fr. Ben today at or (262) 646-6519.

Here’s a link… Visit Nashotah House Campus | Theological Seminary