Suggestion Forms for Bishop Coadjutor Now Accepted

Jerusalem Cross

The Bishop’s Search Committee began receiving suggestions for names of potential bishop candidates on February 1st, and the Committee asks you to continue to pray for us and for our diocese, as we begin this next phase of the selection process.

According to the protocols of the Anglican Church in North America, the selection process for a bishop has three steps, beginning with open suggestions from the laity and clergy of ACNA.

1. The first step will be accepting all suggestions for names for the process. Anyone inside or outside our diocese may suggest a person for consideration as a bishop coadjutor.

2. The Bishop’s Search Committee will then prayerfully consider every suggestion submitted. A smaller list will be selected to continue in the selection process as a “Nominee.” The Nominees will be interviewed by the Committee and after prayer and intercession a smaller list of nominees will be presented to the Standing Committee for consideration.

3. The Standing Committee will then make the final decision as to who will become “Candidates” to be presented to the Diocese. The Special Convention Delegates will then cast their ballots, on October 16, 2021, for a Bishop Coadjutor who, after a season with Bishop Lawrence, will become the next Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of South Carolina.

A Bishop Suggestion Form is now available on our Diocesan Website.

Respectfully Submitted,
The Communications Subcommittee