Safeguarding God’s Children

Safeguarding God’s Children

Boy on PlaygroundSafeguarding God’s Children is an in-depth educational and training program for preventing and responding to child sexual abuse in everyday life and in ministry.

Safeguarding God’s Children workshops are held in the Anglican Diocese of South Carolina at various times during the years. To find out when the next class is being conducted, or to arrange for one to be held at your church, contact the Rev. Canon Jim Lewis.

Safeguarding Online Training is now available in the Anglican Diocese of South Carolina.

The Anglican Diocese of South Carolina is pleased to announce Safeguarding Online. Safeguarding Online teaches our employees and volunteers how to keep children in our care safe from abuse. It is a high speed internet based program that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere.

An administrator for each parish is required as a point of contact for employees and volunteers. The role of the program administrator is to add user accounts for employees and volunteers which enables them access to the online modules. Each module takes approximately 30-45 minutes and participants can complete the modules at their own pace. The parish administrators can set a time frame for completion up to two weeks, which is part of the attractiveness of the program. The administrator also ensures completion of training by each individuals. It’s easy to administer and use.

View our Abuse Prevention Policy.

The following courses are required by the Anglican Diocese of South Carolina:

Meet Sam: Sam abuses children. In this course, he tells you how he gets away with it-in programs just like yours. You learn the types of sexual abusers and the methods they use to meet their own needs. You also learn how to spot interactions between adults and children that may indicate danger.

• It Happened to Me: Temper outbursts. Failing grades. Depression. Suicide. These are just a few of the effects of sexual abuse. In this course, you hear children and adults describe the devastating effects abuse has had on their lives. You learn about the prevalence of abuse and specific characteristics that may put some children at higher risk of abuse.

• Keeping Your Church Safe: Children come to us throughout the day, week after week, month after month, and year after year. They expect to learn about God, have fun, make friends, practice skills, and grow in faith. They expect to be safe. In this course, you will learn when and where abuse is most likely to occur in church programs, the steps you can take to keep children safe, and how you can protect yourself from false allegations of abuse.

• Diocesan Policies: This course outlines our policies relevant to the prevention of abuse. To complete the course, you must indicate that you have read, understand, and agree to comply with our policies. This is a condensed version. Please access the full policy on the Diocesan website.

To find out more about this exciting program and to set up in your parish, please call the Diocesan Office at (843) 722-4075.

The firm that has for years provided our on-line Safeguarding training has now produced a report detailing what they have learned about protecting children from abuse while they are in our care.  For a better understanding of the essential elements of an effective program, please review the report below.