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We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak and how it affects the health and well-being of the churches in our diocese, as well as our communities. Below, and on the menu, are resources we’ve compiled to help you  keep your church and city safe while you continue your ministry. We will update this page as new information becomes available.


Guidance for Churches

Resuming Care Filled Worship and a Sacramental Life During a Pandemic (Ministry Matters)

When Your Church Reopens, Here’s How to Meet Safely (Christianity Today)

What Relaunching the Church Might Look Like Over the Next 3–12 Months (Christianity Today)

The Medical Risks of Congregational Singing:


Health Resources and Medical Updates

Friendly Neighborhood Epidemiologist: There is a lot of information to sort through for churches when it comes to Covid-19. The Rev. Stephen Davis recently discovered resources he recommends prepared by Dr. Emily Smith, an epidemiologist at Baylor University.

Masks Do More That Protect Others During COVID-19 Reducing the Inoculum of SARS-CoV-2 to Protect the Wearer

What to do if you’re sick: An article provided by the CDC with steps to take to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Updates and resources from the CDC,  the US Department of Health and Human Services, Johns Hopkins, SC DHEC

COVID-19 Cases in South Carolina; Worldwide

Messages from our Leadership

Pastoral Letter from Bishop Lawrence: Faithfulness in an Age of Pandemic

Announcement from Archbishop Foley Beach on Behalf of the College of Bishops regarding COVID-19

Information Resource Centers

American Anglican Council COVID Resource Center

Anglican Compass Coronavirus and the Church

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COVID-19 has put a stumbling block in front of so much ministry. I don’t need to go into the litany of things that have been cancelled, moved, zoomed, or put outside. It’s easy to see COVID-19 as only an obstacle. Christ Church, Mt. Pleasant, however, saw it as an opportunity. One business particularly hard hit by COVID-19 has been the performing arts. Like churches, these businesses exist by bringing groups large and small to rehearse, sing, laugh, hug, and watch ...
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Camp Next Gen: Held in the Midst of the Pandemic

Bunkbeds. Hugs. A game of tag. Worship. A large group of middle schoolers having tons of fun. Normally these words conjure up warm thoughts, joy and fond memories. In a year of a pandemic, these words bring high anxiety, worries and concerns. As our annual camp planning and the summer progressed, our team slowly came to terms with the fact that Holy Cross’s Camp Next Gen 2020 could not happen in its usual way. For the past five years we ...
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Why is God Doing This For Us?

Reflections on God’s Unexpected Pandemic Gifts Gone! There was not really one obvious event which brought the pandemic into our reality. Not like when JFK was assassinated or 9/11. Everyone remembers exactly where they were and what they were doing when those tragedies occurred. Not so with the 2020 coronavirus. It crept up on us. With some believing it was no more dangerous than the annual flu epidemic. Creeping, creeping, creeping and then it was gone. Not the virus but ...
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“Incredible” Alpha Held Even During Pandemic

It was an early Saturday morning in November when 100 or so joined together for an Alpha Retreat like none I had experienced before. The fall weather was delightful. We had heard some great teachings, had some great conversations, and grown in relationships within our small groups. Then, we sat in our groups to pray to be filled with God’s Holy Spirit. “Come, Holy Spirit.” And He came. What made this whole “time away” different was that we did it ...
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COVID-19: No Time for Fear; No Place for Divisiveness

Facing the Pandemic Unified in Prayer Is the coronavirus impacting your life? Do you find yourself glued to CNN for another COVID-19 update? Have you changed your plans, rearranged your schedule or canceled an upcoming trip? Does fear of catching the virus or worry about the economic impact keep you up at night? For many, fallout from the virus has filled us with fear. Two Types of Fear: I firmly believe there are two kinds of fear, healthy and unhealthy ...
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