Leaders Nominated for Diocesan Service


Convention Nominations bookletThe Nominating Committee, chaired by the Rev. Andrew O’Dell, was composed of clergy invited from every Deanery, laity serving in the major ministries of the Diocese, and the diocesan ministry staff. With the insights that breadth of experience in the Diocese brings, the following slate of candidates has been offered, with the goal of providing the strongest possible leadership for the Diocese at this time. Brief bios and photographs of each candidate may be found on the Diocesan website. We ask that the delegates to convention please give their qualifications prayerful consideration as they prepare for our annual synod. And we invite the rest of the Diocesan family to keep our gathering on March 11, 2022, in your daily prayers, that God’s will might be clearly discerned and faithfully accomplished on that day.


Standing Committee (Clergy) 2 needed for 3-year term: The Rev. Gary Beson, the Very Rev. Peet Dickinson, the Rev. Janet Echols, the Rev. Cindy Larsen, the Rev. Jeff Miller, and the Rev. Michael Ridgill

(Laity) 2 needed for 2-year term: Wynne Boone, Howard Harder, Judy McMeekin, Bill McRee, Keith O’Steen, Margie Williams


Diocesan Council (Clergy) 2 needed for 3-year term: The Rev. Laura Bowman, , The Rev. Taylor Daniel, the Rev. Chance Perdue, and the Rev. Matt Rivers; (Laity) 2 needed for a 3-year term and 1 needed for a 1-year term: Janis Brazeale, Bethany Fotia, Gill Friersan, Elizabeth Tezza, Ellen Walsh


Diocesan Trustees (Laity) 1 needed for 6-year term: Alonzo Galvan, David Starnes


Ecclesiastical Court (Clergy) 3 need for 3-year term: The Rev. Jeremy Shelton, the Rev Greg Smith, the Rev. Nelson Weaver

(Laity) 2 needed for 3-year term: Rick Adams, Seth Whitaker


ACNA Provincial Council (Clergy) 1 plus 1 alternate needed for 5-year term: The Rev. Bob Lawrence, the Rev. Tyler Prescott

(Laity) 2 plus 2 alternates needed for 5-year term: John Benson, Joy Hunter, Justin Johnson, Johnny Wallace, Dave Wright