Youth Ministry

Mission & Vision

Our Mission as the Department of Student Ministries in The Anglican Diocese of South Carolina is:

To impact students with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit that they may come to know him as savior and follow him as Lord in the ministry and fellowship of his Church.

Our Vision is:

Making Young Biblical Anglicans by proclaiming the gospel, teaching scripture, building partnerships, and training leaders.

This is part of our bishop’s vision of “Making Biblical Anglicans for a Global Age”

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St. Paul’s, Conway and St. John’s, Florence, Partner Together for 14th Youth Mission Trip

In July 2022, for the 14th year, the youth groups of St. Paul’s, Conway and St. John’s, Florence served together during our annual summer mission trip in Jacksonville, FL, where we worked with City Rescue Missions (CRM) to help out at a thrift store and food pantry. Previously we have served together in New Orleans, Asheville, Atlanta, Tampa, and Chattanooga. These joint mission trips between our two churches have helped to create a family that is bigger than one church ...
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The World has Changed – How Should We Respond?

There are few things more jarring and daunting than being dropped into a foreign culture, having to learn a new language, and navigating your way around. The overwhelming strangeness of absolutely everything leaves one feeling unequipped or unprepared for each new day. This is where the church in America finds itself today. Yet we did not move to a distant country, our country and culture became foreign to us. Years ago, my wife and I packed up our young family ...
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High School Regenerate “Has it All!”

This article first appeared in the email newsletter of St. Philip’s, Charleston. “How was your weekend?” my beautiful wife asked me. “It was ...” was all I could say as my 80-pound beast of a dog almost knocked me to the ground upon my return from Regenerate. Regenerate is a youth retreat designed for high school students to grow closer to the Lord Jesus. For 20 years, this event has been held at St. Christopher Camp and Conference Center. This ...
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Teen with Tattoo

The Secular Creed

The biggest issues facing our society are divisive, especially between the generations. Hot topics such as gender and race have put some parents and their kids at odds. Many in our congregations have no idea how to speak about them. However, a book called Secular Creed may help us talk about these issues in a way that is thoroughly Biblical and rich in gospel truth. Author Rebecca McLaughlin has a gentle and convincing way of showing how Jesus transformed the ...
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The Future of The Church

Our Most Important Mission Field is Literally Under our Noses The future is always on my mind. I literally can’t stop thinking about the future of the church, our society, our nation, and our world. Everything around us is changing at a continually accelerating pace. And to be honest, things look bleak. It all seems to be falling apart. The church is in decline, our country is divided, the world is in disarray, and I frankly hate chaos. Our only ...
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